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Skoda's new large SUV, due later this year, will be closely related to the Volkswagen CrossBlue and is expected to take the Kodiak name
Darren Moss
3 mins read
25 January 2016

Skoda has issued a new teaser image for its upcoming SUV, which is expected to take the Kodiak name when it goes on sale early in 2017.

The teaser image of a garage door is accompanied by the promise that "something big" is behind it, lending credence to the rumours that the SUV isn't too far away from production. A concept previewing the new model is expected to take centre stage for the brand during the Geneva motor show in March.

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Recent spy pictures have shown the SUV testing wearing modifed bodywork from the smaller Yeti, but our rendering shows how the SUV could look in production form. Spied at the Nürburgring, the test mule is longer and wider than the Yeti and the suspension is higher.

No official name for the SUV has been revealed, but German media reports that the Kodiak name has been chosen. Previously it was thought the new model could be dubbed Snowman, with Skoda having trademarked that name in 2013, but Skoda insiders have recently confirmed that name has not been adopted.

The SUV will feature cabin space that is on a par with that of the Superb, while its design will include a clamshell bonnet, slim rectangular headlights, LED daytime running lights and a horizontal crease below the window line.

The new model is built on the largest version of the Volkswagen Group's MQB platform and is set to be a derivative of VW’s own CrossBlue SUV, which is due to be launched later this year.

The Skoda SUV will be a class up from the VW Tiguan, and insiders suggest it will measure around 4.6m in length. It will be offered with five-seat or seven-seat configurations and with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Diesel-electric hybrid technology will also be offered.

Its four-cylinder engine range will be borrowed from the latest Superb. A 1.6-litre turbodiesel will be the base unit and no engine will be greater than 2.0 litres in capacity.

The new model is understood to be positioned as a more refined rival to the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe. Skoda technical chief Frank Welsch previously described the new SUV as “the right concept for Skoda; it works perfectly with our brand values”. 

Skoda design boss Josef Kaban said: “Larger Skodas like this will employ bolder, more provocative styling - slightly different from the mainstream.”

The Czech brand is known to have an entire SUV family planned, with a coupé version of the SUV being the first to arrive after the main model. A more sporty five-door version, which will sit on the same wheelbase but will come with shorter overhangs, is also planned. That car will also feature a more rakish roofline and less rear space. The range will also be joined in 2018 by the new Yeti, which will feature a more conservative look to fit in with the new SUVs.

UK prices for the Kodiak are likely to start at around £24,000.


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19 December 2013
Hopefully it will not look like that and will not take it's visual inspiration from a brick.

19 December 2013
Change the grill to one from a rolls Royce....

19 December 2013
Skoda must be delighted with this little bit of visual speculation.

19 December 2013
The side profile looks like the Jeep Grand Cherokee's ugly sister.

19 December 2013
Just What the World Needs, another large nasty looking SUV

19 December 2013
Richard H wrote:

Just What the World Needs, another large nasty looking SUV

Unfortunately large nasty looking tonka truck SUV crossovers are what sells, every car company has to get a piece of the pie.

19 December 2013
Where is the confirmation of the new Superb?
With that front it could end up looking like a Rolls Royce yet!

19 December 2013
I suspect the Skoda badge is the only accurate part of this particularly amateurish rendering. Based on the Yeti - in my opinion far nicer looking than the Tiguan - I expect the actual vehicle to be more successfully styled.

19 December 2013
Seen as a rival to the Sorento and Santa Fe...but the range will start with a 1.6 TDI?! Bad luck if you get lumbered with that combination. Those Koreans are big old barges and need the powerful 2.2D to haul them along, the VAG 1.6 TDI needs thrashing to make my dad's Octavia move let alone this SUV. If it was aimed at the Qashqai end of the market, like SEAT's new SUV will be, I could understand.

19 December 2013
So not the poor man's Q7 then? The styling is where the Koreans were 5 years ago and have moved on some what. Skoda needs to get a new brochure before copying.


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