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Third hybrid in Mercedes-Benz S-class range has made its debut at the Frankfurt motor show

The third hybrid model in the new Mercedes-Benz S-class range, the S500 plug-in hybrid, has been revealed at the Frankfurt motor show.

The car is powered by a new 329bhp 3.0-litre V6 turbocharged engine combined with an 80kW electric motor. The combustion engine puts out 354lb ft of torque, while the electric motor is capable of producing up to 251lb ft. The car has a limited top speed of 155mph.

Mercedes says that the S500 is capable of driving up to 18.6 miles on electric power alone. Running in full hybrid mode allows the S500 to achieve CO2 emissions of 69g/km, and return 94.2mpg.

Other features on the new car include a second-generation regenerative braking system, which also allows the engine to be switched off when the car is coasting, with the excess energy from the wheels being used to charge the lithium-ion batteries. The S500's batteries are reported to have ten times the storage capacity of previously announced Mercedes hybrid models, including the S400 and S300 BlueTEC.

Mercedes has also fitted the S500 hybrid with its anticipatory energy management system, which prepares the car according to the next eight kilometres of road using data from the on-board navigation software. The goal, says Mercedes, is for increased efficiency - where for example the electric motor could be used to power the car along a downhill stretch of road.

Drivers can select from four hybrid driving modes in the new car, seperated into normal hybrid, electric power only, electric power save and charge modes.

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fadyady 22 August 2013

Impressive figures for luxury saloon

The figures beggar belief. This S-Class is a technological marvel indeed. If only these figures could be replicated in real life!

The more technology advances the more fictional the figures get and the gap between the reality and official figures widens.

LP in Brighton 21 August 2013

New test method needed now

It seems that we urgently need a new test method whereby electric cars and hybrids are rated on their total energy consumption, not just the petrol or diesel engine contribution. 

Until such time, we're going to see more and more manufacturers exploiting figures which have no relevance in the real wor ld.

The simple fact is that any big heavy car powered by a 300 odd horsepower petrol engine has the capability of using extremely large amounts of fuel (with correspondingly high CO2 emissions) when driven in anger.   

ahaus 21 August 2013

not much room in the trunk

Looks promising, but the batteries do take up a lot of space in the trunk. Not very good for those scenic road trips or those jaunts to the golf course/country club which I would be doing a lot of if I had a S-class.