Currently reading: Volvo to focus on plug-in hybrid models, but full EVs also ready
Volvo has electric cars waiting in the wings, but will concentrate on plug-in hybrids until the market's ready
Jim Holder
1 min read
26 January 2015

Volvo is ready to launch fully electric cars - but won’t do so until market or legislative demand makes it necessary, according to vice president of product strategy, Lex Kerssemakers.

With the firm already focusing on its four-cylinder only engine strategy, and successfully launching plug-in hybrid models including the V60 and upcoming XC90, Kerssemakers says that Volvo is already on target to meet customer requirements.

“Our focus is the roll-out of our plug-in hybrids,” he said. “Once there is a more sustainable business case behind full EV we can do it - our platform is scalable and fully flexible. But we must see how the EV business evolves and what pressures there are from fuel efficiency requirements and cities closing borders.

“With plug-in technology we have some answers now - good efficiency and the option of driving in and out of cities on electric power alone. For now, we can offer the best of both worlds.”

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26 January 2015
Any car which requires a 5k bribe to sell it is doomed. But if Volvo drivers won't buy EVs then they really are finished, even with the colossal taxpayer subsidy. In this glorious oil glut, the only hope for the humble EV is that our left-wing politicians might create even more ridiculous emissions targets, derived from their bogus science. Perhaps they'll increase the bribe, too?

26 January 2015
And yet another manufacturer carry's on with plug-in tech. Wonder if the next Leaf version will hit 200 miles per charge or how long the i3 waiting list will get or when Hybrids start doing 50 miles on electric charge alone etc. Anyhow we can all argue but just about every major manufacturer has plug-in tech on the road now, perhaps they all wrong and you're right, you never know. Looking forward to this conversation again when petrol hits £1.40 a litre.

26 January 2015
It makes a lot of sense to develop hybrid and plug-in hybrids first. Then, if and when batteries become cheaper and capable of holding sufficient energy, battery powered cars may be viable for the mass market. To launch electric cars now, like Nissan Renault have done, is effectively trying to run before you can walk.

26 January 2015
We could indeed argue, had you been in possession of an argument. However, misconstruing the article doesn't count and nor does "wondering". That said, I wonder how many others share your hopes of much higher fuel costs.

26 January 2015
As I said we could argue but you don't process knowledge or are in denial of existing plug-ins and the increasing selection of plug-ins. You're probably happy to stay in the dark about global warming and think the way forward is diesel or the hydrogen car(god luck with that, ha ha). Will fuel prices stay low, I doubt it! But then you know best

26 January 2015
Again, "arguing" is impossible until you have an argument beyond that of pious insult-hurling and speculation. And if by "knowledge" you mean "heavily doctored scientific data dressed up as man-made climate-scaremongering" then I happily refuse to "process" that particular piece of wisdom.

27 January 2015
try taking your argument about the plug-in to Volvo, VW, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Renault, Telsa etc I'm sure they'll listen as to how they're all wrong and you're right. Good luck with that

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