Currently reading: Smart brand more relevant than ever, says Daimler boss
New Smart Fortwo and Forfour models will be revealed later this year, as urban development means the Smart brand is becoming more important to Daimler

Mercedes-Benz’s Smart arm is “an answer to a question that is more relevant now than when we started it”, according to Daimler chief Dieter Zetsche.

He revealed the new Fortwo and Forfour, co-developed alongside the next Renault Twingo, would be revealed this year, most likely at the Geneva motor show in March before going on sale a few months after.

“The development of major metropolitan areas and increasing traffic congestion makes Smart a good solution, even more so than the past,” said Zetsche. “The next-generation Smart will fulfil the needs of customers better and the addition of a four seater gives even greater potential.

“I’m happy with what I’m seeing. It took time to find the right partner and to get to where we are, but this year you’ll see if my positive feeling about Smart is warranted.”

Zetsche was open to further co-operation between Daimler and Renault-Nissan after a positive start to their tie-up over the past few years. “I seen more come out of this partnership than was expected,” he said.

One thing not planned is a Mercedes smaller than the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. There had been talk last year of a small SUV to sit below the A-class range, but of the 30 new Mercedes planned before the end of the decade – 13 of which will be without a direct predecessor – one of them is not a baby Mercedes to sit beneath the A-class.

“A Mercedes smaller than the A-class is not planned other than Smart,” he said. “We can meet CO2 targets without this model.”

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Paul Dalgarno 29 January 2014


Banging the same old drum, but the box is slow if you don't lift off as it changes (best if you time it just before). Do this and the change is smooth and medium speed. I hired one in Germany and thought the box was awful, then I went to a dealer who demonstrated the correct technique. Was a very happy owner for 3 years until baby son arrived and it had to go. Great in snow too.

I'd have another one if I didn't need space for my wife and son. Even got 3 medium sized dogs in the boot for short journeys.

n50pap 15 January 2014

Six speed manual, please!

Previous reports on the totally new Smart Fortwo suggest that a manual box will be used. Probably not popular for town driving, although the paddle shift/autobox combo of the present model was the reason I didn't buy a Fortwo in 2011. The Smart is perfect for me since I rarely have more than two people in the car, so I really will give it consideration in 2015 when I next change my car.
bkwanab 15 January 2014

Bring back the Roadster. Please.

My smart is relevant to me. Great for shopping and the beach. I can always find a parking spot. Likewise, I can always find a spot in the airport garage too. My pickup truck hauls the big stuff but I often amaze people when they see how much stuff I can fit in the smart.

Now I want a roadster. Two seats and tall works in the city but two seats and low is better for the open road. Pleeeeeease bring back the roadster and be sure to sell it here in the USofA.