Currently reading: Hyundai Santa Cruz crossover truck unveiled at Detroit motor show
New concept points towards a crossover utility vehicle aimed squarely at the active youth market

Hyundai has revealed a dramatic interpretation of a crossover truck called the Santa Cruz at the Detroit motor show.

The Santa Cruz concept hints at a potential production model that could exploit the growing desirability of 'Crossover Utility Vehicles' (CUVs).

Hyundai Motor America chief executive Dave Zuchowski said: "55 per cent of US buyers are buying trucks. CUVs, not pick-ups, are driving that growth".

"We must secure a greater share for our existing crossover products and develop new products for emerging truck markets".

Hyundai intends the five-seat Santa Cruz to appeal to 'millennialists'. Mark Dipko, director of corporate planning, said: "They are the second-biggest group of car buyers. They live in [urban] areas but don't have space for a traditional pick-up. They have tighter parking on streets and generally more congestion.

"We call these buyers 'urban adventurers' and this car satisfies their need for urban expression".

The Santa Cruz is powered by a two-litre turbodiesel with around 190bhp and 300lb ft and the vehicle is all-wheel-drive.

For ease of access to the rear seats, the concept features rear-hinged rear doors. The wheel arches, roof, and bed rails offer tie-down cleats for securing cargo. The cargo bed can expand or be reconfigured to accommodate longer cargo.

An integrated, rigid tonneau cover that retracts when not needed can be used to securely stow items in the rear bed area.

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