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This new Citroën Numero 9 concept is the first in a new wave of DS models

This new Citroën Numero 9 concept is the first in a new wave of DS models. Revealed at the Beijing motor show, the Numero 9 previews the styling direction that the next three DS models - a VW Jetta sized premium saloon, an SUV and a BMW 5-series sized executive saloon flagship - will take.

The Beijing launch of the new concept coincides with the introduction to China of the existing DS3, DS4 and DS5. Citroën has racked up more than 200,000 DS sales in its core markets to date, and it plans to roll out the range to emerging markets - including Russia, Brazil and China - during 2012.

At least two of the three forthcoming DS models are likely to make it to Europe, including the UK. Each model will take styling inspiration from the Numero 9 shooting brake concept, but the 5-series rival will most closely resemble it in production, possibly taking the DS9 name.

Numero 9 is 4930mm long, 1940mm wide and 1270mm high, with a wheelbase of 3000mm. That puts it between the BMW 5-series and BMW 7-series in size. It weighs 1500kg and rides on 21-inch ‘turbine’ aerodynamic alloy wheels that help channel air around the wheel arches.

Designed in Paris, the Numero 9 sports new-to-DS features, such as a 3D-effect front grille, new full LED headlights and a distinctive strip of LED daytime running lights. All these features will make it on to future DS production car designs, as will the ‘floating roof’ effect, glazed side surfaces and lots of chrome trim.

A plug-in hybrid all-wheel drivetrain powers the concept. A 69bhp, 148lb ft electric motor powers the rear axle and a 221bhp, 203lb ft 1.6 THP petrol engine drives the front wheels. A diesel motor can be fitted for European markets.

In petrol-equipped Beijing guise, the Numero 9 can crack 0-62mph in 5.4sec. In spite of the performance, its combined fuel economy is a startling 166mpg and CO2 emissions are just 39g/km.

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mike_d_dunn 24 April 2012

Re: Citroën Numbero 9 paves way for DS9

I hope Citroen put this into production without watering down the design too much. The colour is great why oh why do they not offer this on current DS cars? I have been speccing up a DS5 as my next company car and have been very underwhelmed at the white/grey/black colour choice!

petrolheadinrussia 24 April 2012

Re: Citroën Numbero 9 paves way for DS9

TegTypeR wrote:
as do the Russians
Not true any more. You were right up to about three years ago. But things here, like everywhere else have swings and roundabouts. SUV's (bigguns and littluns) are basically hatchback. 75% small cars (Hyundai - Kia - Chevy etc are built or assembled in Russia - along with Nissan (but not from the Toyota plant) production is in hatchback format. I know from the Mrs that production of the Solaris (Hyundai) started in saloon, and 8 months later the hatchback. The hatchback is out selling the saloon now.

As for the beautiful DS9 - everyone here knows I hate anything French. But in my Car ownership CV is a Citroen Massa XM and if Citroen would roll back the years and do the same with this i.e. stick a proper Massa under the hood...well I would probably rob a bank

artill 14 April 2012

Re: Citroën Numbero 9 paves way for DS9

I like the styling of this, although its rather more flash than the C6 which i also like a lot.

Its nice to see PSA showing off their hybrid system with petrol power again, although surely the thing we need to know is that they have finally instaled it with a better gearbox solution than the automated manual that they use on every aplication so far. As far as i understand it the electric section is purely at the rear so it doesnt make any difference to the set up what engine and gearbox combo it has up front.