Mercedes films an advert for the new SLS in 3D as part of a £1m ad campaign

Mercedes has filmed an advertising campaign for its new SLS AMG in 3D.

The commercial is the centrepiece of a £1 million advertising campaign for the new gullwinged supercar; it features ex-Formula One driver David Coulthard.

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Mercedes wants to create a buzz around the SLS and to make it appeal to a younger audience, by pushing it on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The public will be able to win drives in the SLS at Mercedes-Benz World, as well as the chance to be driven at a circuit by Coulthard.

“We wanted to take a communications approach that would be both innovative and ambitious,” said Andrew Roberts, Mercedes UK’s communications director.

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SpokenHands 30 June 2010

Did Mercedes pick the 'best' for its halo strategy>

It seems to me that the Mercedes Communication Strategy is hilariously off-base. Basic consumer segmentation and communication-planning 101. There is nothing wrong with creating a buzz around a halo product (not many people actually buy the BMW M3 but a lot of BMW owners aspire to those performance dynamics and features in their 1,3,5 series models) but Mercedes should recognize that all consumers are not one homogenous lump. They picked the wrong model to make their 'halo'. Period. The SLS does not represent what Mercedes is all about. Mercedes is NOT about performance. Anyone who drives one/bought one knows that. Mercedes is NOT about edgy styling. Have you seen their current line-up lately? Mercedes is NOT about brash bravado: masculine-skewed supercars dont appeal to their current and potential buyers as much as they'd think. Mercedes is about the 'BEST OR NOTHING': Attention to detail, engineering excellence, comfort and luxury, reliability and heritage. A £157,000 sports car that is made in limited production runs, almost all sold-out; will appeal to delirious young people on Twitter and Facebook. But is it a case of confusing ONLINE CHATTER with RESULTS? Does a brand that is already recognised instantly across the world (high awareness and salience) need to invest behind more random buzz...with young people. I would have thought there are other models that are more representative of the Mercedes brand thinking 'The Best Or Nothing'

mercman93 25 June 2010

Re: Mercedes SLS in 3D

COOL, using social networking to get a younger audience is a clever idea. However I am 16 so even at 17 I wont have the money for the modern day Merc range. maybe an old 190E. so it could be a bit of a wrong age group to hit. i see the point but the age group there hitting doesen't have the money

nickbowman 25 June 2010

Re: Mercedes SLS in 3D

Autocar wrote:
Mercedes wants to create a buzz around the SLS and to make it appeal to a younger audience, by pushing it on social

Are they mad? This is a £160,000 car. They may claim 'halo effect' but that's nonsense. Getting younger people into the rest of their range won't be accomplished this way. Frankly, if they said that, they clearly don't know what they're doing.