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Autocar's special behind-the-scenes stories of McLaren's road cars are now available in digital format

Autocar's exclusive behind-the-scenes books on the making of the McLaren P1, McLaren 12C and McLaren F1 road cars are now available to download.

The three books were created in the run up to the launch of each car, with Autocar's expert writers granted exclusive access to the test and development programmes and the men and women responsible for the creation of each vehicle. The result is three stunning books, which can now be bought separately or in a discounted bundle in digital format, and which include embedded extras on each car including video, picture galleries and road tests.

The most recent of the trio, the McLaren P1 book, records the stories that led to McLaren embarking on its mission to create the fastest car on road and track. The story includes the team's battle to lap the Nurburgring in under seven minutes, the first-hand story of how the car was created, an in-depth look at the car's technical highlights and a reflection on Bruce McLaren and the legacy he leaves for the men and women at the McLaren factory today.McLaren 12C book charts McLaren's return to the road car arena with its incredible Ferrari 458 Italia rival. Stunning photography is combined with behind-the-scenes stories charting the pain-staking development of the car on which McLaren was basing its plans to launch itself in to the road car arena for the long-term. It is on sale for £2.99.

The McLaren F1 book is now a collector's item, and regarded as the definitive story of the iconic car's creation. It includes luxurious photography of the car, plus interviews with Gordon Murray and its creators, and stories of its development, including the test crashes that set the programme back, and full tech data. Scanned from the original print copy created 20 years ago, the digital edition is available for £2.99.

Alternatively, buyers of all three McLaren digital books can get them for a discounted price of £8.99.

To buy the McLaren P1, McLaren 12C or McLaren F1 digital books - or buy all three - click on this link.

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elan2s 26 November 2013

What about Digital Subscribers?

Will those of us who subscribe to the digital version of Autocar, and had a valid subscription when the booklet was given away with the hardcopy issue, get the digital version of the P1 booklet for free or are digital subscribers seen as being less worthy? Currently this is the one area where having a digital subscription is less attractive than getting the hardcopy version. These Autocar booklets relating to major product launches are always excellent and it seems unfair that if we are to get the booklet that is free to those buying the hardcopy we have to in effect pay twice for that issue (or in the case of the P1 more than twice!). I take the digital version because it is more convenient, I always get it on time (I lost count of the number of times the Royal Mail either lost my copy or delivered it anything up to a week late, hence I felt compelled to switch to the Digital version) and I do not have to worry about storage as I can always access old issues when I need to.