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Jaguar to unveil E-Type inspired concept sports car at Paris motor show
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1 September 2010

Jaguar will reveal a dramatic new sports car concept at the Paris motor show this month. The car is tipped to be badged Jaguar F-Type.

It will preview a fresh styling direction and makes a fitting celebration of the company’s 75th anniversary.

Details of the still-secret car have emerged from Tata sources and been reported this week in Autocar India.

The concept will be about the size of an XK and aims to embody Jaguar beauty and to celebrate the firm’s hard-won reputation as a sports car maker.

Inspired by Porsche

Some of the inspiration for the show car is the success of the Porsche 918 revealed at Geneva.

Unlike that car, however, Autocar understands that the Jag isn’t slated for production but will pave the way for the next phase of Jaguar’s new models, kicking off in 2012 with the new XK.

It also neatly marks the end of one phase of Jaguar design and the start of another.

Today’s XK began the Ian Callum-inspired reinvention of Jaguar’s model range, moving through the XF and culminating in today’s XJ.

New grille design

One of the key design features likely to change in the future is the oval, E-type-inspired grille that has identified Jaguar’s sports cars.

Callum has previously told Autocar that the current oval grille can’t be stretched to fit the face of bigger cars without compromising its elegant proportions.

Instead, Jaguar plans to move to a single grille design for its saloons and sports cars, based on the oblong XF/XJ design.

The Paris concept is highly likely to give a first glimpse of the oblong grille on a sports car, a design theme that Autocar has explored in several artist’s impressions.

Another breakthrough for the concept is understood to be a hybrid powertrain. Details are few, but it could be based on a V6 petrol, possibly turbocharged, and linked into ZF’s new eight-speed auto, which Jag is planning to fit to future models.

This transmission can incorporate a ‘ring’ electric motor positioned ahead of the torque converter, which neatly packages the EV drive unit in a conventionally sized vehicle powertrain.

Jag concepts – the story so far

1999Concept-R Important because it started a shift towards contemporary styling.

2000F-type Generated huge excitement. But Jag couldn’t find a way to build it.

2003R-D6 Another important step in Jaguar’s modernisation program. Challengingdesign concept was built, despite opposition from some insiders at Jaguar.

2005Advanced Lightweight Coupé Jag’s most significant concept to date. Previewed new Ian Callum design direction for XK, XF and XJ.

2007C-XF Introduced radical styling of new XF and also headlights of new XJ.


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1 September 2010

Drivers and Jaguar fans will be searching for that grace, space and pace... let's hope Callum and his team has captured all three qualities this time.

1 September 2010

[quote Los Angeles]

Drivers and jaguar fans will be searching or that grace, space and pace... let's hope Callum has captured all three qualities this time.



I hope Callum refrains from using detailing that are designed to shock this time. He has successfully modernised the range and got people talking with mad headlights and controversial styling on the XF and particulary the XJ, so hopefully grace will be the order of the day with this new concept and the next XK.

1 September 2010

A Jaguar sports car, any sports car for that matter, is supposed to be like a big cat, lithe, muscular, alert, ready to pounce. I have never ever seen square or weird shaped eyes on a cat.

Hence, though I agree with you, Prodigy, I hope Callum dumps the clunky novelty headlights cut to the wheel arch and gives us strength through simplicity, and that includes few electronic gizmos.

And if all that sounds rather emotional, well, hands in the air, it is. I view Jaguar as the UK's Porsche, a company that suffered too many missteps and is still recovering its mo jo.


1 September 2010

Why do Jag both saloons and sportscars need to have the same front end treatment. Big and square for the saloons, oval and sleek for the smaller sportcars. Worked well in Lyons days, why not now? Going like this Jag will end up like Audi (and we wouldn't want that, would we...).

1 September 2010

[quote jmd67]Going like this Jag will end up like Audi [/quote]

{best Basil Fawlty voice} Don't mention the Audi!!

Jaguar is starting to come out of it's shell in respects to car design. As expected, not everyone likes the bold new designs, but then not everyone was happy with all Jag saloons being styled after a 1973 XJ6!

Eventually things will come to an equilibrium again and hopefully there will be some stunning cars available.

1 September 2010

I am sure that Jaguar won't make the mistake of too many clones in its design language. But it has to be important to move away from the tired old designs of the past and this new concept looks promising but I will wait to see full pictures before deciding one way or other.

1 September 2010

[quote jmd67]Why do Jag both saloons and sportscars need to have the same front end treatment. Big and square for the saloons, oval and sleek for the smaller sportcars. Worked well in Lyons days, why not now? Going like this Jag will end up like Audi (and we wouldn't want that, would we...).[/quote]

i agree 100% its a thought that i don't want to think about. Jag coupe's have always been sleek with clean lines that made sense. i don't want to see an odd looking square grilled coupe. works well for the saloons XF and XJ and maybe the new yet to come X-type, as that is the association with saloons but not on a coupe. oval are what jag coupe's have always had. i am not too bothered about the german rivals they have always played safe sex with their designs and hence why i consider them to be either ugly or lacking thought and passion.

Othan than that i am looking forward to jag's new creation.

1 September 2010

Looks like it may be a five door sports car - a la Rapide

1 September 2010

I couldn't give a monkeys what shape grille Jag's coupes had up until now. I want to know what the new one looks like and if it looks anything like the last one I'll be disappointed- and not because I don't like it (I do, I do). I love the current XK- it's a cracker. I have a soft spot for the S-Type too although I'm not brave enough to take a chance on one.

However, I have totally bought into this 'future Jag' revolution that has been going on in the last few years. I know that there are unresolved design issues regarding both XF and XJ but I see these cars as reactionary and transitionary rather than fixed and I can't wait to see how this new language will develop with revamp/future models.

I see nothing wrong with the fact that there might be common design elements between the sports cars and the rest of the range. In fact, I think it would be mostly desirable in terms of unifying the range under one design language. Saying that Jag coupes have always had oval grilles is no justification for failing to explore new design directions. And it's not true anyway.

Can't wait to see this new concept in full.

1 September 2010

[quote supermanuel]I see these cars as reactionary and transitionary rather than fixed [/quote]Yes, Jaguar's current design "language" is a work in progress.

To my knowledge only the E-Type had an oval grille, which in its day got bigger as the engines got bigger. Maserati has grabbed that icon. (It remains on ACE Cobras.) Callum was quoted as saying he wants a corporate grille, yet I can't see how a square grille, even with pencil corners to soften its lines, will sit comfortably on a voluptuous sports car. But let's see what he produces.


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