Too many platforms, not enough sales - Alfa's tale of woe
3 February 2010

Alfa Romeo is an accountant’s nightmare at present, building six models based on three different platforms, spread across sales of just 100,000 units.

The outgoing 147 and GT coupe are both based on the unique front-drive platform that underpinned the old Alfa 156. But the 159, Brera and Spider are based on the ‘Premium Platform’ that was developed in conjunction with Saab.

New Spider key to Alfa revival

The break-up of GM and Fiat in 2005 meant that Alfa was left with the Premium architecture and producing it in small volumes. This makes the 159, Brera and Spider expensive to build.

There's more financial sense behind the Mito, which is based on the current Fiat Punto. And the new Giulietta is the first model based on the C-Evo platform, which will be used extensively by Fiat, Chrysler and Jeep.

Marchionne has already said that market reaction to the Giulietta, which goes on sale in late spring, is crucial to Alfa’s future. A positive reaction to the car’s sporting credentials is said to be essential.

Fiat bosses will be wary after the shaky press reaction to the Mito. The car was much criticised for its so-so handling and poor steering. However, they have been encouraged by Mito sales in Germany, a market normally immune to Alfa’s charms.

Ultimately, however, if Alfa Romeo isn’t just allowed to slowly wither on the vine after the launch of the Giulietta, the challenge for Wester and Alfa’s management will focus on a credible plan that involves Alfa competing in the 3-series and 5-series sectors, after years of being an also-ran.

Our Verdict

The Alfa Romeo Mito is a usable, fun package, even if its DNA drive modes can prove frustrating

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3 February 2010

[quote Autocar]Fiat bosses will be wary after the shaky press reaction to the Mito. The car was much criticised for its so-so handling and poor steering.[/quote]

Strange observation. Mito is undoubtedly a success. With Mini the best in class regarding residuals. That says a lot of the car as bad cars can't keep up residuals. Also, it sells very well on all markets. Very well. And Fifth Gear prefers it compared to Mini. That says a lot too. It's a fun car to drive. Great selling numbers plus fun plus strong residuals equals a success story. But maybe since it's an Alfa you are looking for something more, something you don't even know of. You just know and expect that there should be something more because it's an Alfa.

4 February 2010

[quote Autocar]Premium Platform’ that was developed in conjunction with Saab[/quote]

Could FIAT not sell this SAAB developed platform back to SAAB for a quickish new 9-3?

The economies of scale would help both parties and SAAB must know the capabilities of this platform better than anyone.

4 February 2010

Funny the spin Autocar puts on this , Alfa sales are up this year , it is number 2 in German J D Powers survey , the Mito is a sales success and every mag apart from Autocar/What car is very positive about it . I have driven a Mito and in my opinion is a far better drive than a Mini Cooper ! As for 3 platforms GT and 147 are in run out . I Suggest Autocar stops trying to S..t stir .

4 February 2010

The poor handling was down to the wrong suspension being fitted to the pre launch press cars, which was rectified, its a clanger which shouldnt have been made but it was. Now possibly the most desirable small car by anybody in the know.

8 April 2013

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