Legal documents confirming merger to be signed this week
17 November 2009

VW's board is set to formally approve its merger with Porsche later this week.

Although the merger has long been anticipated, VW's board will sign-off legal documents outlining the takeover. The documents are said to be thousands of pages long.

The owners of Porsche, which has been weakened by mounting debt, will then sign-off the documents, kick-starting the merger of the companies.

This will begin with VW buying a minority stake in the Porsche sports car business, and extend to be a full merger by 2011.

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17 November 2009

You need a new proof reader!!

The best news could be better dynamics for Audi products which traditionally have the ride and handling of a broken skateboard.

Lets hope the VW board look after the heritage of Porsche and don't badge engineer a range of small SUV's. What we want is a small and affordable sports car along the lines of the elise, with low co2 to make it relevent to todays market without ruining their reputation as a maker of sports cars.

Also, please no Porsche badged hot hatches.

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