VW Group announces recalls of its Tiguan compact SUV and Amarok, alongside another potential recall for up to 30,000 vehicles equipped with its 7-speed DSG DQ200 gearbox
Darren Moss
15 November 2013

The Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUV has been recalled in the UK over concerns that one of its lighting circuits could fail.

VW Tiguan vehicles built between 2008 and mid-2011 have been recalled to have a fuse replaced. VW says there's a chance the fuse could trip, which can lead to the failure of one of the Tiguan's on-board lighting circuits. The failure could lead to a partial loss of lighting on the vehicle.

Globally, Volkswagen's Tiguan recall affects 800,000 vehicles, including 147,000 units in its home market of Germany. 

Although not an official recall yet, VW UK is also considering recalling up to 30,000 vehicles equipped with its 7-speed DSG DQ200 gearbox. If initiated, the recall would involve replacing the synthetic oil used by those vehicles with mineral oil, in a move intended to safeguard against electrical failures. In the worse case scenario, this could lead to a loss of drive.

The firm says it is currently in talks with VOSA over whether to issue a full recall for the UK, but a voluntary recall is already in place in other countries. Reports suggest that as many as 1.6 million vehicles worldwide are affected by the 7-speed DSG DQ200 recall. By far the largest market affected is China, where as many as 640,309 cars potentially in need of the oil change. 

VW is also recalling 4200 units of its Amarok in this country, and 239,000 units worldwide, to check for possible fuel leaks. The recall affects all Amarok vans built since launch in 2011 up to June 2013.

Volkswagen won't comment on how much the global recall programme will cost, or whether the measures could harm profits for the group. A Volkswagen UK spokesman told Autocar: "Customers should wait to be contacted, but if they are concerned for any reason they should visit their local Volkswagen dealer or retailer, or call our customer care line on 0800 0833 914".

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15 November 2013
...enough to admit their mistake. There are widespread problems with VW mechanics - including turbo injectors and the DSG gearbox. Sorting this mess will take more than the customary air brushing by their mighty PR. Instead of sulking about profits the VW bosses should see this as an opportunity to rebuild the trust with their customers who are moving on to other brands for a little peace of mind.

15 November 2013
According to news websites up to 3 million vehicles are being recalled . DSG gearboxes failing with the fix being to replace synthetic oil with mineral oil plus fuse box faults on other models plus fuel line leaks on Amarok vehicles. If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen?

15 November 2013
A further example, if any were needed, that many German cars are poorly built and unreliable with their supposed bulletproof reliability being nothing more that a myth. And you have to pay over the over odds for this questionable reliability too. The truth is, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and VW all produce some of the most unreliable cars around.

15 November 2013
RELIABILITY INDEX Citroën Xsara (97-06) -- 80.0 [most reliable] Rover 400/45 (95-05) -- 105.0 Renault Mégane (95-02) -- 113.0 Volkswagen Golf (97-06) -- 126.0 Audi A3 (96-03) -- 182.0 [least reliable] SAAB 9-5 (97-09) -- 155.0 [most reliable] Rover 75 (98-05) -- 176.0 Volvo S80 (98-06) -- 190.0 Mercedes-Benz E-Class (95-03) -- 240.0 Audi A6 (97-04) -- 250.0 [least reliable] BMW X5 (06-13) -- 168.0 [most reliable] Volkswagen Touareg (02-10) -- 270.0 Range Rover Sport (05-13) -- 297.0 Porsche Cayenne (02-10) -- 343.0 Audi Q7 (05-14) -- 489.0 [least reliable] BMW 7-Series (94-01) -- 98.0 [most reliable] Lexus LS (00-06) -- 101.0 Jaguar XJ (94-03) -- 196.0 Audi A8 (94-02) -- 392.0 Mercedes S-Class (98-05) -- 405.0 [least reliable] So much for Volkswagen Group reliability...

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