Currently reading: Volkswagen developing 10-speed DSG gearbox
A 10-speed DSG gearbox is among the technology being developed by Volkswagen, the firm's boss reveals

A 10-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox is being developed by the Volkswagen Group. Speaking at the Vienna Motor Symposium, VW Group chief Martin Winterkorn also confirmed a high-performance diesel engine with 134bhp per litre was in the works.

The 10spd DSG transmission is in response to strict upcoming CO2 emission rating legislation, which will force manufacturers to lower average fleet CO2 emissions to 95g/km by 2020.

The diesel engine will feature “variable valve-train assembly, a high-pressure injection system at up to 3,000 bar and combined charging with the innovative e-booster [an electric turbocharger]”.

Winterkorn said he believes that petrol and diesel internal combustion engines could be made 15 per cent more efficient due to improvements in the combustion process, lightweight design and improved friction levels and thermal management.

VW is also keen to push natural gas technology, which Winterkorn believes “is environmentally friendly, economical and suitable for everyday use”.

He added. “The technology is fully developed and the vehicles are already on the market. We need to make the public even more aware of the benefits of natural gas engines. Everyone needs to play their part in this: car makers, politicians and the fuel industry.”

Plug-in technology remains the best and most efficient powertrain option for the medium-term, according to Winterkorn. 

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marj 30 April 2013

Why not CVT? 

Why not CVT? 

winniethewoo 7 June 2013


CVT is theoretically the perfect transmission for efficiency, but for reasons I dont understand, current technology is lacking, meaning they arent that much better.

bomb 29 April 2013


My only concern with the 10-speed 'box will be the increased number of gearshifts rather than the rationale behind it. DSG 'boxes at the moment have 6 or 7 gears, factor in lots more gearshifts to keep the engine spinning sweetly and, by definition, you've got higher clutch wear than before. I would expect this to have been taken into account, though.

The performance diesel sounds very interesting. The electric turbos I've been reading about from component manufacturers for a few years now are finally going to appear and the bhp/litre ratio gets ever wilder. Presumably a 2.0 TDI with this engine tech would give Golf R rivalling figures on paper?! You'd definitely need 4WD with the potential torque available..


Maxecat 28 April 2013

From 3 to 10 gears

I learned to drive in my fathers 1964 Vauxhall Victor with a 3 speed steering column gearchange. 

Cars have had huge improvements over the last 50 years. I well remember my late father talking with a neighbour about the relative merits of the new 4 speed gearboxes compared to the common 3 speeds.

I remember when Porsche brought out one of the early 5 speed gearboxes and commentators wondered how motorists would cope and questioned the possible reliability issues of this complicated new fangled device.

And here we are today discussing 10 speed gearboxes when the ZF 8 speed is lauded by all users. my first auto box car was a 1968 Hillman Minx (Hunter) with 3 speeds.