Liberal Democrat politician emphasises the importance of the UK car industry

The UK car industry must communicate its strengths and value to the economy if it is to attract the best talent and remain strong after Brexit, leading politician Sir Vince Cable has said.

Speaking at Autocar’s Great British Women event today, which celebrates the input women have in the industry, Cable, a former business secretary, said change was needed to ensure success continued.

“The car industry has a deep cultural issue to address if it is to attract female talent, especially to manufacturing and engineering,” said Cable, who was won back his seat as Member of Parliament for Twickenham. “You need to persuade young people that the car industry has a future.”

Cable said the future was looking promising, citing the drastic rate of evolution the sector has gone through in recent years. He said: “I grew up when it was considered to be an industry where everyone was endlessly on strike, the companies were mismanaged, there were these smokestack factories where metal was bashed and the industry was part of our country's history.

“Now all that has changed. Nissan's Sunderland plant is among the most efficient in Europe, Jaguar Land Rover is in a class of its own, a global player, and then there's the specialists from F1 teams, most of whom are here, Aston Martin, Lotus and McLaren. And, of course, there's Rolls-Royce and Bentley. German-owned but another two UK firms that are very different from that old image I described.”

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Cable said this showed that the British industry was now at the absolute “cutting edge”, but that the industry still needs to effectively communicate that to talented potential employers.

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“There are technically minded men and women [in the industry] and if you can get that message right then they will start to understand that this is an industry that is worth making a career in,” he said.

Cable, who is in contention to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats, believes Brexit could represent an opportunity to make the car industry a more attractive segment. He said that now the two-year-long clock is ticking before Britain leaves the European Union, the industry can be a powerful force in ensuring the country gets the best deal.

“I'm delighted to see the industry, led by the Society of Motoring Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) yesterday, speak up in a way it hasn’t for a long time,” he said. “The message was clear: ‘Stop squabbling, do what you need, but remember we have a natural asset that is incredibly successful, but which will suffer serious damage if we take Britain out of the single market and so on. If we have to do Brexit so be it, but respect the needs of one of Britain's largest employers, most successful sectors, from OEMs to suppliers to all the commerce it stimulates, and make sure the foundations of it are not destroyed.’”

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21 June 2017
A silly, regressive, old man. Out of touch, doesn't believe in democracy, and not even good at his job. He should serve the Lib Dems well.

21 June 2017
What makes you think he doesnt believe in democracy ?! Its what got him his job back after all.

XXXX just went POP.

21 June 2017
some don't understand the concept of democracy, mainly brexiters. Its because they have no facts to use, they insult and demean to deflect the argument.

21 June 2017
Bazzer wrote:

A silly, regressive, old man. Out of touch, doesn't believe in democracy, and not even good at his job. He should serve the Lib Dems well.

What an incredibly stupid comment, in fact it's attitudes like that which used to manage the British car industy. I'm no liberal democrat, in fact after their student fees pledge, quite the opposite. To his credit, Cable was one of the few who didn't sign that pledge / stunt.

So come on Bazzer, tell us why Cable is silly? When the man talks about the British car industry using Brexit to promote itself when every other doom and gloom merchant says cites the end of the British car industrt post Brexit - how does that square with 'regressive'? (do you even know what regressive means?

How can a man who's attending these 'Women in the car industry awards' be regressive? Or do you believe British manufacturing should remain male dominated?

I beg you to tell us how he doesn't believe in democracy (can't wait for your answer on that one). Democracy elected him, democracy de-selected him and democracy elected him again. And it was democracy that gave his party a bloody nose in 2015.

No good at his job? Well given he's just been elected he must be doing something right for those he represents!

Given your statement, I'm left wondering if it's not you who's out of touch, undemocratic and regressive?

21 June 2017
Pity it was the only one. Perhaps LibDems could do what no other party will apparently attempt and sort out the road network.
Remove speed humps, remove half of the traffic lights and run them on amber at off peak times.Go back to roads with reduced speed limits and see if they are actually any safer, then put back old limits where applicable, stop turning the motorway network into a speed camera testing ground.
Get the UK moving again and claw back some productivity levels resembling those you would expect to see in the 21st century. Maybe even a motoring mag could champion the cause ;-)

21 June 2017
SORRY, forgot to add he's unintelligent as well. About your level, I think.
Would like to add YouTube video, but the Autocar software stops me.

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