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Owners of US diesel cars affected by emissions scandal will receive two forms of compensation

Volkswagen’s American arm has put in place a scheme to compensate owners of cars affected by the ongoing emissions scandal.

Two forms of compensation will be offered under the scheme: a prepaid credit card, and a prepaid card of the same value, which is limited to being spent at Volkswagen service centres. Described as a goodwill gesture, the cards are being offered to owners of 2.0-litre diesel-engined cars built between 2009 and 2015.

Volkswagen has denied that the scheme will be rolled out to UK and EU owners, as the recall process to be put in place in the US will be a much more lengthy process. NOx emissions standards are stricter in America than the EU, so the recall of US Volkswagen cars will require more comprehensive alterations to the software and mechanicals of their vehicles.

In addition, there are far fewer diesel cars in the US, and pioneering diesel owners are vital to Volkswagen as the largest diesel manufacturer in America. British customers’ vehicles will be subject to what Volkswagen hopes will be a far quicker recall. Affected owners have already been notified of the necessary steps.

The British government has not made the recall mandatory, however, and owners of affected VW Group cars can choose whether to send their vehicles in for the recall or not. 

Jimi Beckwith

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HairyBiker 16 November 2015

Why only 2009 cars ?

I have a 2008 Passat that is affected by this as well. Can't understand why VW are including these in the recall. I didn't receive a letter but on their website when I put in my VIN number it says my car is part of the recall.
scrap 11 November 2015

Have to ask again - why is

Have to ask again - why is the UK not issuing a mandatory recall? This issue affects not only owners of these VWs but those of us affected by excess emissions. The government has washed its hands of the problem and it's disgraceful.
HairyBiker 16 November 2015

Have to ask again - why is

I think this is not a mandatory recall in the UK as it is not classed as a Safety issue. VOSA only get involved when there is a risk. At the moment the emissions are just a problem nothing unsafe.
xxxx 11 November 2015

Either way

I'd be happy with free money as a couple of mpg down (if the mpg figures were affected at all that is) on the comparasion chart wouldn't have swayed my decision to buy a certain car.