UK Petroleum Industry Association urges motorists not to panic buy
13 June 2008

One in ten filling stations across the UK will be affected by the four-day tanker drivers' strike that started at 6am today, with union leaders predicting fuel supplies will run dry within 24 hours. However, the UK Petroleum Industry Association said that as long as drivers do not panic buy, fuel stocks will last until the strike ends on Tuesday morning. "If motorists observe their normal buying patterns, we won't run out of fuel," said a spokesman this morning. "We may experience some sites running dry, but it won't be a general problem."Should a majority of drivers decide to fill up at the same time, they could bring the country to a standstill. "We have plenty of fuel stocks available, but motorists have the ability to drain the system dry ­ there is a lot of capacity int heir cars," said the UKPIA spokesman. The government, too, has been asking drivers not to panic buy and has said it will do everything it can to keep fuel flowing, including bringing in the army if necessary. Around 500 drivers working for transport company contracted to Shell are striking over proposed pay increases. They had rejected an offer of up to £41,500, up from £32,000.

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13 June 2008

I think this whole strike is ridiculous - they are already on more money than a lot of people in the UK! Many nurses and other professions earn a lot less - the truckers are currently on £31000 - this really is quite a lot of money. People who save lives are on less money, and these truckers are complaining and striking, only making fuel prices and fuel supplies worse by making everyone rush to petrol stations and fill up - which of course is rising CO2 emissions and congestion! The whole CO2, fuel and oil thing needs to be sorted out fast, or car manufacturers need to get their skates on and produce more fuel-efficient and hydrogen and electric cars. The Government also needs to get some hydrogen stations up ad running, as well as more places to charge electric cars.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

13 June 2008

I couldn't agree more Mini1.£41,500! Thats an excellent wage and yet they turn it down. Its possible that there are string attached to this deal which might provide some sort of explanation for the truckers turning down the offer, however their original salary is still very good. The truckers are blackmailing the country.

Maybe we should all boycott Shell? Teach the truckers a lesson. If we don't buy the fuel they won't be needed to ship it to petrol stations. Perhaps thats a little extreme, but it would be interesting to get other peoples opinions. Of more concern is the union Unite, which I think is at the centre of this dispute. They seem too ready to strike.

13 June 2008

Well, I need to fill up this weekend - not panic buying, an empty tank is looming after 700 miles since I last filled (so I'll buy well over 50l). If as a regular Shell customer I can no longer fill up with their fuel I'll find somewhere else I can, and if it's good enough, I might just stick with that. I buy less fuel than I used to anyway (due to a more efficient car), so perhaps there is some part of the deal that they may have to take a cut or redundancy should more people drive more economically and they sell 10% less as a result.

13 June 2008

What car does 700 miles between refills?

13 June 2008

I really don't understand this whole thing at all.

1. They don't work for Shell(UK).

2. They are contactors, working for ShellUK).

3. They make more than me for less hours.

4. Why do they punish those who would be on their side if they'd thought about it.

5. Those they wish to punish are laughing their cocks off whilst drinking champagne.

6. I would've supported them if they'd used a more intelligent and communicative form, rather than penis fencing.

7. How can nothing be better than something?

8. I like beans.

14 June 2008

£41k is loads ! What's their problem ?!

14 June 2008

I feel it's not about their wages, well not entirely.

It's no doubt part of a coordinated neo-communist inspired attack on Britain from without and within. Thus a terrorist attack, thus comes under the new terrorist laws, thus they'll be going down a hole for 6 weeks.......

Well one can hope.

14 June 2008

Anyone who rejects a pay deal that's clearly better than the one they had before should be forced into early retirement.

Maybe then they'll realise that holding their employers to ransom is not the way to get what they want.

I hope the punters vote with their wallets and turn to other suppliers for the fuel they need.

Don't they realise their action is part of the reason fule is so expensive ??

14 June 2008

Hello new EU access members, you would give your right arm to work for £32,000, well you're hired. Many people do far more worthwide jobs for significantly less, given their apparent greed, I can't wait for truckers and tube drivers to be replaced by robots.

16 June 2008

[quote nom de plum]What car does 700 miles between refills?[/quote]

Mine's a Megane tourer dCi 106. In theory it's actually capable of close to 800, but I've only managed 740 before thinking it's about to run out. It's certainly nice to visit the pumps less!


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