City of Trollhattan, SAAB AB and The Wallenberg Foundation pay £2.6m

The Saab museum collection in Trollhattan will remain in place, according to reports.

The administrator acting on behalf of Saab had sought offers for the collection, and had indicated it was willing to break it up in order to maximise the sale price.

Read Hilton Holloway's blog on the potential sale of the Saab museum

However, the city of Trollhattan, SAAB AB and The Wallenberg Foundation are reported to have paid around £2.6 million to secure the entire collection.

The museum contains 120 cars and includes the first ever Saab car - the Ur-Saab.

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charlesiiamjean143 29 April 2014

Yeah great! It is so nice to

Yeah great! It is so nice to hear Saab museum saved. Museums must not be terminated because for me they are the ones who store and preserves the past of our ancestors and country. Social media services
saaby 1 February 2012

Re: Saab museum saved

xxxx wrote:
Hopefully Top Gear will do a Special on the better Saab's, bit like the Alfa Romeo one they did

Indeed thay have done - to be televised in February - I'm holding my breath as I expect it to be no less than a warts'n'all romp through the haydays and lowdays. Looking forward to it, hoping it may even coincide with some better news about one of the 5 current suitors for the company as going concern rather than a parts bin.

thebaldgit 30 January 2012

Re: Saab museum saved

A salutory reminder that all Saab now remains is a museum piece.