Firm wants to make itself 'cool' and appeal to a younger audience; looking for new PR agency

Rolls-Royce is looking to appoint an external PR agency to help rebrand the luxury car maker as ‘cool’.

The firm has reportedly never worked with external PR agencies before and is said to be in talks with several agencies to help market its new Ghost saloon to young, wealthy customers.

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A senior Rolls source told PR Week: “It's not something we've done in the UK before, but we'd be very interested in hearing any ideas from agencies.”

Rolls describes the Ghost as showcasing a “more contemporary, modern and cool” side to the brand.

The firm is looking for PR agencies that specialise in the automotive industry to help assist its current PR team.

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roter 2 July 2013

Some clowns, only a few weeks

Some clowns, only a few weeks back, HP2-Z23 were guffing about Tesla being the rebirth of the US auto industry, a paradigm shift, a milestone equivalent to Microsoft's founding and kickstarting of the PC HP2-Q06 computer industry or Google and Internet 2.0. All utter guff. It was just another bling, flotsam and jetsam bauble for the look-at-me American craperati to feed their egos and HP2-K33 earth-saving cred.


stagata1 25 June 2010

Re: Rolls-Royce to rebrand

Wonder if they've spoken to Mansory yet?

nickbowman 25 June 2010

Re: Rolls-Royce to rebrand

I work in PR. I used to work in the car industry. I am rolling on the floor in hysterics at this.