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New 4.4-litre V8 diesel engine won't come to the US, despite improved emissions and economy
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19 July 2010

Range Rover’s new 4.4-litre V8 diesel will not be sold in the US, according to company insiders.

The new unit, originally co-designed with Ford and built in Mexico, offers a significant improvement in economy and CO2 emissions over the old 3.6-litre V8 unit, but it’s still not enough to meet strict US emission laws.

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The current US emission laws are equivalent to Euro6 standards, which don’t come into force in Europe until 2014. The 4.4 V8 is engineered to meet Euro5 standards.

However, the next-generation version of the TDV8 engine is set to be launched in 2014/15, and Range Rover insiders said the engine is “very likely to come to the US then”.

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19 July 2010

American Emission laws tend to be much stricter on most pollutants, so asside from CO2, their engines tend to be cleaner.

I wish our emmissions laws were focussed in a similar way. Allowing development of cleaner petrol engines which are no way near as damaging to health as diesel engines. Instead we are focussed on the "Damage" that CO2 is possibly doing and ignoring everything else which is why London stinks of Diesel....

The Americans might get that engine in their F150's it is rumoured anyway so it might find a way into the US.

19 July 2010

America is much smarter about health issues than the UK, the UK is way behind the times in health science and politics. The UK cares about a health system with free service and treatment, but the politics of how they determine risk is terrible. And the EU seem to be waving a pretend stick at our government but they do nothing in law about it, only plans and ideas, or incentives.

Ban Diesel.

bring it back again in 10 years time if you like when the technology/cost/engineering is right for a non toxic diesel engine.

in the mean time shoot to kill.

if only we had a dictator.

19 July 2010

[quote beachland2]America is much smarter about health issues than the UK, the UK is way behind the times in health science and politics. [/quote] Are you kidding me? The only reason this won't sell in the U.S is because of Calafornia. They have the strict emission laws and a couple of other states have adopted them - it therefore makes no sense to sell a car in other states that you can't in all the states. The U.S is years behind Europe when it comes to Environmental protection - you just have to look at the state of their air quality, water ways, energy use (they use twice as much energy in a year as a Brit on average), clear-cut forestry, regulation lacking or removed in several industries to allow U.S companies to remain competitive etc etc. There is NOTHING about the U.S that screams "intelligent environmental or health protection" once you cut out Calafornia.

19 July 2010

why do you think americas air qaulity is worse than the uk's?

the uk is full of particulates.i expect london air quality is far more hazardous than new yorks

and the argument for not selling in america because some states exclude it doent make sence as the states left that allow it are far bigger than the UK.

19 July 2010

What a bloody waste, whats the point of developing a big V8 engine, if its not capable of being sold in what would undoubtedly be it s biggest market - the US, another missed opportunity, I dont think that makers such as BMW or Mercedes or Audi would be so foolish, If JLR want to be taken seriously as an independent car maker, they have to ensure its products (all of them) are capable of being sold worldwide.

19 July 2010

[quote beachland2]why do you think americas air qaulity is worse than the uk's?[/quote] I don't think, I know. I worked extensively on NOx, SOx and PM10 data from several US and UK cities. Just because a couple of states have stricter laws it doesn't mean that vast areas of the U.S aren't polluted to hell. I also suggest you read up on the reasons that diesels have not made it in to the U.S market - almost purely because it would prevent them being sold in a couple of states that followed Calafornia's lead AND would also prevent them legally entering that state.

19 July 2010

i'lll take your word if you post up some figures, what were the average pm10 figures for 2009 in london and new york?

19 July 2010

I don't have the figures - although if I get a chance today I'll try and look out to see if they're available to the public. I was working on 2005 data previously if I remember right. Obviously I didn't take the data with me when I left, there are laws against that type of thing!

19 July 2010

Anyone else think it's incredibly stupid they haven't engineered the new engine for the emissions standards that will come into force only 4 years from now? Sounds like a big missed opportunity to me.

19 July 2010

the emissions laws are not enforceable on existing production cars, so the rangerover v8td can still be sold in uk after the euro 6 regs, they just cant release a new model with that engine.


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