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Type-R brand 'wouldn't suit the target audience' for new Accord
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21 February 2008

Honda has no plans to launch a hot Type-R version of the new Accord, according to well placed sources. The all-new model, which is making its debut at the Geneva show later this month, doesn’t fit the Type-R brand according to insiders. ‘A Type-R Accord would not suit the character of the car or our target audience’ said one. Honda is making it clear that it wants the new saloon and estate to finally propel the company into competing with more premium marques such as BMW and Audi, but it's not ruling out sporty derivatives altogether. The plan is to offer more aggressive body kits and lowered suspension in the same vein as Audi’s extremely successful S-line models. However they will be powered by the normal engine line up: a choice of 154bhp 2.0-litre and 197bhp 2.4-litre petrol engines and a new 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel. A more powerful version of this diesel is also in the wings. The new Accord saloon arrives in showrooms in June, while the Tourer goes on sale in September.


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TegTypeR 25 February 2008

Re: No Type-R for Honda Accord

I can see their point in some ways, why would you want an Accord Type R?

Proper Type R's follow a no compromise philosphy. Stripped out, raw and focused. This is part of the problem with the current Euro Civic Type R, which is neither focused or raw enough. An Accord in the same vein would only dilute the brand.

Surely they would be better off creating a slightly more rounded (but no less desirable) sub brand - what they've tried to do with the Type S branding - which would keep not only the Honda hardcore happy, but woo drivers from other brands.

Then all we need is the Japaneese Civic officially imported (which lets face it is nigh on the same size as an Accord) and every one's happy!

Jon Hardcastle 22 February 2008

Re: No Type-R for Honda Accord

This is a real shame, and as Kee Law has pointed out it really is a missed opportunity.

I'm sure when push comes to shove the powers that be will have to concede to the pressure I am sure they will be under, to build the Type R model.

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