Currently reading: 'No bespoke model' for Fiat's Abarth brand
Marco Magnanini, chief of Abarth, outlines the brand's future model range plans
Richard Webber
1 min read
28 October 2013

Abarth chief Marco Magnanini has told Autocar there will be no bespoke model for the marque in the medium term.

2010's Abarth 'Speedster' sketch had been said to preview roadster and coupé derivatives of the Fiat 500.

Magnanini put thoughts of an Abarth Panda or 500L to rest, too (calling the latter "inconsistent with the brand"), leaving Abarth to focus on its existing 500, 500C and Punto models.

Abarth is also unlikely to add more power or supplement its 1.4 turbos with larger Fiat Group powertrains like Alfa Romeo's 1750 TBi: "We like to have the perfect ratio between power and weight," said Magnanini.

The Abarth 500 and Punto ranges currently peak at 178bhp.


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28 October 2013

If it goes as well as it looks............?

28 October 2013

So they aren't going to have their own model, not going to re-do new FIATs, not going to install new engines.

so what are they going to do? crack out a Lancia Stratos special of the Abarth 500 and charged 50k for it??

Come on guys, you had some good momentum going, now what?

28 October 2013

Better start shedding the pounds then... what about a superleggera 500? Would it be called an Abarth 500 SL (Esseelle)? Whatever, a sort of Italian Mini JCW GP does sound kind of fun.

28 October 2013

With the new Alfa 4C taking the company spotlight, Fiat probably have little interest in making their own marquee coupe for now which more than likely been the basis of the 'Abarth Speedster'.

I'm surprised by the lack of interest in making an Abarth Panda when the Panda 100HP of the last generation sold well, was well received (I don't think I've read a negative article on the 100HP) and putting an Abarth badge on it instead of the Fiat one would've added a bit more prestige to the model and allowed them to (probably) raise the list price.

30 October 2013

I disagree with C2_Matt, regarding a Panda Abarth, it doesn't sound right for a start !!! I believe they should develop "new" models obvisously based on Fiat cars, but not to roll out an Abarth just for the sake of it, keep the product exclusive. Perhaps the forthcoming 500X would be an ideal choice. I've recently changed my Punto Abarth esseesse for a Juke Nismo, which is in the stage of being remapped & chipped to 250bhp by the m/f because Abarth doesn't have that type of car, pity.

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