Aston Martin won't adopt new badging following Mercedes tie-up; future plans could include the use of Mercedes' platforms
Julian Rendell
3 February 2014

Mercedes-Benz is promising to keep its involvement in Aston Martin subtle and low key, according to company head Dieter Zetsche.

Significantly, Zetsche ruled out any Mercedes or AMG badging from Aston’s future range of cars, which will be powered by engines bought in from the German luxury car maker.

That includes details such as a ‘Powered by AMG’ badge on the engine or bodywork, which could have formed an integral part of the brand identity of the next generations of Vantage, DB9 and Vanquish.

"A subtle involvement with Aston Martin is better for us," Zetsche told Autocar in Munich last week. "Our customers will know about it without us making too much of the link. That is enough for us."

Zetsche also played down any influence that Mercedes might have in directing Aston’s future product plans.

"It is up to Aston Martin to make specific product plans. We have only just agreed a deal in which we announced we would share engines and electrical components," he said.

Zetsche did, however, open the possibility that Mercedes’ alloy chassis architecture could be included in the technology sharing deal.

Aston’s VH bonded and riveted alloy chassis will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year and will need updating to remain competitive in the coming decade against rivals such as Bentley, Ferrari and Porsche.

Aston would have to make a huge investment in a new chassis, and sharing with Mercedes may make financial sense.

"It’s for them to decide. But we would listen carefully to them," said Zetsche.

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3 February 2014
That's what I thought AMG stood for.
But seriously, an Aston Martin is more than the sum of it's parts. And those who seek to belittle Aston for having parts bought in, wither it be a button or an engnie, should have a wider look at the automotive industry.
Let Aston take advantage of the best that Mercedes and AMG can offer, and build upon it.


3 February 2014
I'm not convinced that opening the bonnet of your new AM and looking at a big 'Powered by AMG' sign on the cam cover would be classed as subtle.............

3 February 2014
That excludes details such as a ‘Powered by AMG’ badge, which could have formed an integral part of the brand identity of the next generations of Vantage, DB9 and Vanquish.


Hmm this is they will have 'Powered by AMG' on the engne cover or they won'? I actaully ahve no issue with be fair wasnt the old engine actually 2 Ford V6's.. I think having one the the great AMG engines in thr Aston is great and something to shout about.. Look at Pagini.hasn't done them any harm has it.

3 February 2014
Done right, the AMG-Aston deal could be great for Aston. Done wrong, it could be utterly disastrous. Sadly, the language coming out of Daimler-Benz is sounding more and more disconcerting.

The "deal" as announced was for the two companies to collaborate to develop and produce BESPOKE engines for Aston Martin. That could be a great thing. Now, Zetsche is quoted as saying the compaies will "share" engines. That is NOT bespoke. It gets worse when the discussion turns to potential platform sharing.

As an Aston Martin customer -- I bought a V8 Vantage brand new, which I love -- I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I will NOT buy an "Aston" that has an AMG engine dropped in it (if that is what happens), and that includes a "retuned" version of the same basic engine (the engines in a Bentley Conti GT are "retuned" VW/Audi engines). And no, the current V12 is NOT "actually 2 Ford V6s." A bespoke-for-Aston engine developed by the two firms -- that could be fantastic.

Regarding shared platforms -- I will NOT buy an "Aston" that shares a platform with a Benz.

To be clear, it's not that I think Benz engines or platforms aren't excellent, it's that there is NO POINT in an Aston that is a Benz under the skin.

To those capitulators who buy into the "they'll die unless they use Benz engines and/or platforms" nonsense, there is NO reason to believe this. It is viable to develop new Astons that are ASTON MARTINS -- to the same degree that the current cars are. This can be done properly, it's just not as easy or cheap. But it's worth it.

Yes, it's expensive to build bespoke cars, but Astons are expensive cars and they are worth spending the money to do it properly. Now that Aston has a deal with a deep-pocketed firm, use the newly available knowledge, tech and money to develop Aston Martins -- don't turn them into versions of Mercedes. Ford did it properly with the entire Gaydon line -- they are wonderful cars, and they were PROFITABLE for many years. Rebadged/re-engined/re-platformed Benzes may be even more profitable, but such a car would be an absolute travesty.

Don't give in! Spend the money and do it right, and I'll buy another Aston Martin.

3 February 2014
Daimlers plan is to eat AM.

The Germans tries to own hole of Europe. The weapon they use is the Euro.

3 February 2014

Oh and btw, I agree with Speedraser. Having a Mercedes engine and chassis will no doubt damage the Aston brand not because AMG produce bad components,but because Aston will be relegated to a 'coachbuilder'. This is not a good long term strategy.

3 February 2014
Speedraser, I think you will find the Aston V12 did start life as 2 Ford V6's stuck together, but there is nothing wrong with that, and the V8 you currently own started off as a Ford/Jaguar unit, yes they have had a vast amount of work done to them, but it doesnt change their far more humble origins, I also suspect a hand built AMG engine would be far superior to anything AM currently offer. Lets be honest AM just produce a range of cars that all look virtually the same, with the same engines just in different states of tune, they are beautiful and I would love to own one, but for what they cost there are better options available.

3 February 2014
The current V12 was derived in some respects from the Ford V6, but developed with Cosworth's help and initially built by them. Today, it is built in Germany at an Aston facility within a Ford facility. The V8 was once a Jag block, but no more than that.

The whole automotive world component shares one way or another, even BMW and Mercedes share tech, and every VW from Skoda to the Bugatti has some commonality, probably because the same component makers make it all. Probably safer to call your car a Bosch/Visteon/Delphi than anything else.

So, the economics are what they are, but the real art is in how you put them together, and for me, nobody does that better than Aston Martin, or makes a better looking car. The care that goes into them is stunning, and for me at least they are irreplaceable. Mine has some Ford/Volvo/JLR bits in it, apparently, but it transcends its components. It is magical.

An AMG engine is not a bad place to start, going forward, but I think the influence will be more obvious from the electronics and the interfaces, and I don't think whoever makes those bits for Merc has done too bad a job!

4 February 2014
Lover of cars wrote:

Mine has some Ford/Volvo/JLR bits in it, apparently, but it transcends its components. It is magical.

An AMG engine is not a bad place to start, going forward, but I think the influence will be more obvious from the electronics and the interfaces, and I don't think whoever makes those bits for Merc has done too bad a job!

I think the outgoing AMG 6.2 litre V8 would be the best engine AM has ever used if they were lucky enough to secure it. I'm sure AM would dump their Ford/Jag V8 in a heartbeat if they could use that engine. The V12's should switch over to a detuned One-77 engine.

They could also take some Mercedes electrical components, the previous Volvo satnav was an abomination, and it's replacement is hardly any better.

4 February 2014
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