'Electric vehicle range' as a single figure will disappear, says manufacturer
9 November 2010

Electric vehicle ranges will be quoted based on multiple scenarios instead of the single figures used by manufacturers today, according to sources at Nissan.

A Nissan insider close to the firm's Leaf EV project told Autocar that a single distance figure could be misleading. And he predicted that all major manufacturers will begin to display a series of best and worst-case scenario figures for their EVs, much like urban and extra-urban fuel consumption figures for combustion engines.

The influx of electric mainstream cars such as the Volkswagen Golf, due for production by the end of 2013, has also persuaded Nissan to deliberately make its electric models instantly recognisable as EVs.

“People know what they’re getting,” our Nissan source said. The hope is that the company’s more established electric vehicle platforms and styling will reflect well in sales figures as the market for full EVs expands.

Nissan’s electric Leaf will go on sale in March 2011, beating its VW Golf rival to showrooms by up to two years.

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9 November 2010

"...persuaded Nissan to deliberately make its electric models instantly recognisable as EVs..."

Odd that Toyota are moving in the other direction by putting hybrid drivetrains in their "normal" car bodies, i.e., Auris and Yaris. Presumably, having longer experience of the alternative market, they have found there are a finite number of people who wish to display their greenness

8 January 2013

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30 January 2013

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10 November 2010

I think electric cars need to look different for several reasons.

First the layout of the mechanical components is considerably different and there's no need for a large air-cooled radiator, so functionally there is no need for a large bonnet.

Second, the aero drag factor is more important, since it affects the car's range and cruising performance - so electric cars need to be a lot more slippery.

And third, the first electric cars are making a statement: they are saying "I am prepared to spend twice as much money on a car for the sake of the environment".

Nissan has definitely got it right here, I reckon.

10 November 2010

Will the worst case scenario include start up on a snowy morning, when you need the heating and wipers to be flat out, lights on all the time and the ESP working overtime as the famed instat torque of an EV will play havoc with traction in poor weather. Lets also not forget that everyone now insists we fit winter tyres in readyness for the next blizzard, so these tyres are as far removed from low rolling resistance as you can get.

I fully support EV but I feel as a winter car, there will be serious range issues.

10 November 2010

[quote MattDB]I fully support EV but I feel as a winter car, there will be serious range issues[/quote]

Yes it will be a bit of a bugger that by the time you have got the windows clear and the car warm you only travel 100 yards then the car dies at the side of the road...

Not looking forward to being held up on my run by loads of EV's crippled at the side of the road - instead of the old question "have you got any jump leads" it will "have you got a long extension lead mate.."..!!!!!

To live is to drive

10 November 2010

[quote bentleyboy] instead of the old question "have you got any jump leads" it will "have you got a long extension lead mate.."..!!!!![/quote] And my answer would be NO! as i trundle past in my defender............

19 December 2012

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