Currently reading: New 'Facts Disc' shares classic car information digitally
Car enthusiasts can now share information on their pride and joy with a realistic tax disc-style device

UK-based start-up Buzz2Get has revived the concept of the now-defunct car tax disc with its new ‘Car Facts Disc’ service, which stores and shares information about classic cars.

Designed to be mounted in the windscreen - just like a real tax disc - the Car Facts Disc displays a unique QR code that can be scanned by enthusiasts keen to learn more about a particular vehicle’s history. 

Details of any restoration work can also be shared via the Car Facts Disc portal - which can host video and high-definition images. Vehicle owners can also share rental rates, for-sale adverts and the vehicle’s availability for weddings or filming. 

Buzz2Get says: “Aside from quickly and easily letting interested viewers get more details about a car, using the Car Facts Disc also means owners can archive their precious classic car’s history in whatever level of detail they choose to share and even, potentially, add value by properly documenting the vehicle’s provenance.”

Priced from £17, the Car Facts Disc is compatible with all smartphones and does not require users to download an app. 

The idea for the product came from Buzz2Get managing director and car enthusiast Paul Tombs, who wanted to modernise the way classic car owners share information - usually with a laminated fact sheet on the front of the car. 

He said: “After years of attending owners’ club events and classic car shows, where information about individual cars was patchy at best, and often completely absent, I came to feel that learning about cars when stood in front of one was virtually impossible unless you were lucky enough to meet the owner in person.

“With the Car Facts Disc I have created a really simple method for car fanatics, like me, to share our personalised car facts, and trivia, in a way that allows anyone with a smartphone who stands by the car to view it quickly and easily.”

Vehicles in the UK had to display a physical tax disc from 1920 to 1 October 2014, when it was phased out in favour of more modern number plate recognition technology. 


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si73 21 May 2020

Seems like a good idea that

Seems like a good idea that has the added bonus of being inexpensive, I too have notice the amount of cars at a classic show with no info, I always had the laminated sheet on my windscreen of my 924 at such events. This appeals, hope it takes off.