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High-performance, motorsport-related tuning and development arm is closed by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is closing its Ralliart division, bringing to an end more than 25 years of high-performance, motorsport-related tuning and development.

A statement on the official Ralliart website from the division's president Masao Taguchi said, "Because of the sudden change of economy situation [sic] since the year before last, the business circumstances surrounding our company radically became worse.

"And so, this time, we have reached the conclusion that Ralliart Inc would scale down our business activities as of the end of March 2010."

The release states that Ralliart will end its support of motorsport customers, scrap new planning, development and merchandise of Ralliart products, and pull its internet information and news service.

The Ralliart name became most famous during Mitsubishi's successful rally campaigns in the late 1990s - although in truth, these activities were the work of Ralliart Europe in Rugby.

However, Ralliart has played a key role in developing Mitsubishi's Evo line of road cars, which continues to play a leading role in international Group N rallying. The statement indicates that this work will now be conducted "by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation as it is".

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M_Nolan 12 March 2010

Re: Mitsubishi closes Ralliart division

Perfect buy out opportunity for any car maker out there, the wealth of experience and the in depth knowledge would be a welcomed asset for any company. This is not the end of Ralliart but as stated here by many other people...Mitshu now going deep into the realm of OAP carrier! Perhaps their linakge with Mercedes can give them a lease of life in some sort of form?

domholyfield 11 March 2010

Re: Mitsubishi closes Ralliart division

You know at times like this car manufacturers such as Subaru, Mitsubishi and to some extent Honda should be focusing on what they are (were) good at.....building affordable performance cars for young successful driving enthusiasts who have an interest in their sub-brands such as Ralliart and STI. Yes sales are down, we are all struggling. However things will get better and in 2010 the signs are already there. These Japanese bosses are so short sighted they just don't see the future. Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda - Spend 25 years building and building a brand and then simply through it all away! Well Done! Who is going to buy a Mitsubishi without Ralliart devised performance? Who is going to buy a Subaru without rallying? Without STI & WRX? Not me...not you....nobody. You've just put the last nail in your coffins. Unless you can re-capture the granny market! Sayonara Mitsubishi.

AndyRAC 11 March 2010

Re: Mitsubishi closes Ralliart division

It was actually the beginning of the end when Mitsubishi bought Ralliart, and Andrew Cowan stepped down. Since then, the Rally team nosedived, not helped by the lack of performance of the Lancer WRCar.

Some fantastic cars and history; the Galant VR4, the Lancer Evolution series.....

Very sad news.