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Engine Guru Al Melling cuts price of his new sports car to £30k

Rochdale-based sports car builder Al Melling has slashed more than 30 per cent off the price of his recently launched Wildcat two-seater V8 roadster in an aggressive bid to kick-start sales. The Wildcat, an all-new, front-engined British roadster aimed at buyers who would once have bought a TVR Griffith, will now have a base price of £30,000. It will be powered by the latest 410bhp version of Melling’s own AJP8 V8 engine, built originally for TVR and developed in Tuscan racing over 20 years.

Read more about the Melling Wildcat “It’s no big secret that times are tough,” said Melling. “Maybe we’re crazy to launch a car at a time like this; people are certainly hesitant about buying high-performance cars right now. But we’ve had huge interest in the Wildcat, and lots of visitors to our factory. “We believe pricing the Wildcat to undercut cars like the Porsche Boxster — while offering a far more powerful V8 engine — should really get things moving.”

Steve Cropley

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