New coupe and SUV for Lancia
15 October 2008

Lancia is planning to build its range up to five models, adding a coupé and an SUV by 2012 as part of a bid to restore annual sales volume to around 300,000 cars a year from today’s 120,000. The plan is being overseen by brand boss Olivier François but has yet to be fully approved by Fiat Group chief Sergio Marchionne.>> Read about the new Abarth CoupeThe project builds on progress made with the new Bravo-based Lancia Delta, launched recently in mainland Europe and due in the UK as a right-hand-drive model in summer next year.If François’ plan is approved, the range will eventually comprise three mainstream models — Ypsilon, the Delta and a Fiat Punto-based supermini between them — plus a coupé (codenamed Fulvietta) that reprises the look of the new Fulvia concept shown in Frankfurt in 2003, and a Bravo-based SUV crossover. Despite recent anti-SUV sentiment, François believes that reliable demand will continue for smaller, lighter four-wheel-drive models.Like the Delta, whose generous proportions straddle the C and D segments, the new Ypsilon (A/B) and new supermini (B/C) will also link two classes, offering unusually large cabins as part of their luxury packages. Lancia will also use avant garde design and plush specifications to attract customers, leaving high performance and sportiness to Alfa Romeo.Before the current sales slump, Lancia was targeting 150,000 sales in ’08, heading for 180,000 next year and reaching 300,000 (with the help of new models) soon after 2010. Now it may take longer to achieve its goals.

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16 October 2008

Isn't the Ypsilon based on the punto already, so there seems little space for another model there.

Lancia should be basing their model range on the lower end Mercs plus Ypsilon


Ypsilon 5 door hatch (Grande Punto base)

Delta 5 door hatch (bravo base) A-class

New 'Lybra' 4 door saloon + est (Bravo Plus base) C-Class

Thesis saloon + estate (New 169 base) E-class

Fulvia 2 door 2 seat coupe (Grande Punto Base) new SLA

Flamina 2 door 2 seat roadster coupe SLK (Bravo plus base)

New 4 seat copue/conv. (thesis base) CLK

SUV (bravo base same as 149 SUV) New GLB

SUV (based on LR Freelander) GLK

This model range would allow Alfa to move further into the sports GT end and create a 'Ferrari for the masses'

Their model range would be

Mito 3 dr hatch A1

149 5dr hatch plus coupe version A3

159 4dr saloon, 2 dr coupe, 5 dr est. A4

169 4dr saloon, 5 dr est, 2 dr coupe A6

Spider (Based on Bravo base) competitor TT

6C Audi R4 (Mid-engined on Lotus elise similar to Arbarth coupe)

8C Audi R8

Maserati could compete with top end GT

Quattroporte 4 dr saloon A8

Coupe 2 dr coupe/spider

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