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Jaguar announces it is to end production of the XK sports car to focus on a new wave of models
Mark Tisshaw
2 mins read
7 March 2014

Production of the Jaguar XK is to end in the summer, the company has announced.

Sales of the coupé and cabriolet models have dropped to less than 4000 units per year, following the launch of the F-type models.

Jaguar says that it wants to focus on other upcoming models, including the new XE saloon and F-type coupé that will steal even more sales from the XK range, as it enters a busy 18-24 months.

Sales of the Jaguar XK stood at around 1000 units in the last three months of 2012, but in the last three months of 2013 – following the launch of the F-type – sales were down to only a handful of units, the F-type effectively killing off the XK model on which it is loosely based, despite the two models’ substantially different price point and positioning.

Jaguar insiders have not ruled out a replacement for the XK in the future, but it’s likely to be a vastly different model to the 2+2 GT it will replace.

At the end of 2012, design director Ian Callum said Jaguar was “going through a lot of discussion” about how the XK should evolve in the future.

No final decision has yet been taken, but Callum said there was an opportunity to “allow the car to become a bit more special than a GT”.

“It could grow into the luxury market, and grow in size,” he said. “Whether it stays the same as a two-plus-two or becomes a two-plus-more-than-two has not been committed to yet.”

The F-type’s launch removes the need for the XK to act as out-and-out sports coupé and luxury GT. With the F-type becoming Jaguar’s dedicated sports car, there’s scope for the XK to focus on its luxury GT credentials.

Back in January, Jaguar announced a reduced XK line-up with a substantial price-cut, which will now act as a run-out range.

Dubbed Signature and Dynamic R, the new models are priced from £54,950 and £69,950 respectively. As part of the 2014 model changes Portfolio specification had been axed, with the range taking a price cut of around £10,000.

The XK Signature model is focused on luxury, while the more sporting Dynamic R model is based on the XKR.

XKR, XKR-S and XKR-S GT versions of the XK are also offered.


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7 March 2014
I have been fortunate enough to drive the XKR and it's a wonderful machine. Fast when you need it, comfortable when you desire. However, with the modern looks of the rest of the Jaguar range it now looks very old indeed. But my biggest worry for Jaguar is price. I fear that as they continue to introduce new models they'll miss the range targets on price. The XE to be the 3-series rival will, I believe, be pitched too high in price. The 3-series being a well developed and youthful car, and Jaguar's previous attempt with the X-Type being a scaled down car my grandpa would have!

7 March 2014
They can use the next gen of the XF to make a real 6 series fighter, or even better, the next XJ and make an S-class/Bentley GT fighter. New XJ-C anyone?

7 March 2014
tuga wrote:

They can use the next gen of the XF to make a real 6 series fighter, or even better, the next XJ and make an S-class/Bentley GT fighter. New XJ-C anyone?

They'll need to change the looks of the XF dramatically if they want a Series 6 fighter. The XF doesńt turn heads - the 6 does.

7 March 2014
The XK failed because of Ford, who effectively killed most sales by denying it 3.0 petrol or diesel options. It was also stymied at birth by the PAG hierarchy which dictated it could not surpass the Aston Vantage, denting its cred as a high-end sportscar. JLR later tried to correct this with some souped up versions but by then it was too late.

7 March 2014
Norma Smellons wrote:

The XK failed

No, it didn't.

7 March 2014
About time, this car was way off the pace compared to newer rivals

7 March 2014
I have not driven either this or the F type, but prefer the looks of the XK. Its about the same price now as the F Type, but attracts better discounts, and has a better engine in the base model. Its sad to see it go, but its old now, but i am sure its still a good buy at these prices

7 March 2014
It's the only Jaguar I like. I drove behind an F-Type yesterday and the rear 3/4 view is not good.

7 March 2014
I've been lucky enough to drive all but the xkrs and gt. They are much better cars than they should be considering the original budget for development and along with the xf have allowed Jag to rebuild a credible and appealing brand position in the market.

A little final thought. Without this car, the f type would not have been possible, so before we consign it to the history books, let's remember how important a car it is and was

8 March 2014
Shame about the terrible fuel consumption, and only an Auto box...


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