Currently reading: Jaguar plant to build new four-cylinder engines from 2014
JLR will start testing its new four-cylinder engine range from spring next year, to be used in almost every model
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9 December 2013

Jaguar's all-new four-cylinder engine range will begin trials in 2014, according to the firm's engineering boss.

Engineering director Wolfgang Ziebart has told confirmed the first pre-production models using the all-new engine range will come down the production line at the new i54 Midlands factory next spring.

Speaking to industry paper Automotive News Europe, Ziebart said the first production engine will be a four-cylinder diesel unit and is scheduled to be manufactured at the end of next year.

It’s expected that diesel engines are destined for the first production versions of the baby Jaguar saloon, which is expected to arrive in showrooms in late spring 2015. The first petrol-powered version of the new engine is expected to arrive later in 2015.

Ziebart said the engines should set new benchmarks in terms of “efficiency, weight and power per litre”.

The new four-cylinder engine family uses as many common components and construction techniques as possible and will eventually find its way into nearly all JLR models, but not the flagship Range Rover. It’s thought that a high-power diesel version will eventually be fitted to the Range Rover Sport.


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9 December 2013
I hope they're not still calling it "Hotfire", which is a stupid word. When was fire anything other than hot?

9 December 2013
It's news for Jaguar but really across all manufacturers engine sizes are reducing, but turbos are now common. As long as cars remain fun and involving to drive I don't mind the lower running costs!

9 December 2013
Many inline-four engines have spawned V6 versions - the block and crank are different but many other components can be shared - so a V6 Hotfire would be 3.0, just right to replace all the V6 Ford-derived engines currently used by Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover. The logical step after that would be a 4.0 V8 for flagship models.


9 December 2013
Mercedes are now reverting to straight sixes so why not Jaguar now that they are moving into more freedom from Ford! Why should a 6 cylinder Engine have one less main bearing than a 4 cylinder anyway? The whole of Jaguars post war existence was based on the in line 6 cylinder XK Engine, something easily forgotten today!

9 December 2013
[quote=507] Why should a 6 cylinder Engine have one less main bearing than a 4 cylinder anyway? The whole of Jaguars post war existence was based on the in line 6 cylinder XK Engine, something easily forgotten today![/quote] Because they have shorter crankshafts so need fewer bearings as there's far less torsional distortion on a V6. You can buy old Jaguar replicas for those who want to wallow in nostalgia.

11 December 2013
The gas V8 and new supercharged v8 are 100% Jaguar designed. JLR own the rights to those engines. They are just built in a special JLR engine facility at Bridgend. Only the two diesels and the ecoboost 4 cylinder are Ford (or PSA) designs

9 December 2013
straight 6 would be nice but what Jag need to do more importantly is prove its engine technology is better than what others are giving. At the moment the germans have this cornered even with the bigger V8. the germans have deeper pockets which means R&D has made their engines supposedly give better mpg, carbon emissions with the power to go with it. Jag needs to play catchup on bhp, engine efficiency and gearboxes otherwise they will always be 1 step behind.

9 December 2013
A Jaguar needs a NA L6! We talk about Jaguar, no?

15 February 2014
JLR was supposed to be getting the Volvo i6 petrol engine, and it was fitted to the Freelander 2 in certain markets, but the break up of PAG prevented it from happening..

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