New trademark applications from Jaguar Land Rover hint that the firm's first electric models aren't far away
Darren Moss
11 February 2016

Jaguar Land Rover’s first electric vehicles could be called the I-Pace and I-Type, according to new trademark applications.

It's well known that the British company is working on a new range of electric vehicles, the first of which is expected to be an electric SUV, and which we now expect to take the I-Pace name for production.

The second trademark, I-Type, is harder to place, but could point towards an all-electric version of the F-Type sports car; or it could be used for electric versions of the XE and XJ saloons.

Applications to trademark the two names were filed in December and January respectively.

Jaguar Land Rover’s first all-electric model will be an SUV, which will be revealed next year before going on sale in 2017. It will incorporate styling flair from the C-X75 hypercar, and is expected to offer a range of around 300 miles.

Few details are known about the new model, with sources suggesting it could use electric motors mounted at each corner. A reveal for the car at this year’s Paris motor show in October is said to be likely.

When it goes on sale, Jaguar’s electric SUV will challenge rivals including the Tesla Model X, Audi Q6 e-tron and Volvo’s planned electric version of the XC90, which is due in 2019.

A third trademark application was also made earlier this month for the Velar name. The title already has connections to the Land Rover brand, having been used on the original Range Rover prototypes in 1969. This suggests that the Velar badge may be used on an upcoming version of the luxury SUV.

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Our Verdict

Jaguar F-Pace 2.0d R-Sport

Jaguar takes a typically sporting approach to its F-Pace but it isn't enough to better its sibling - the Land Rover Discovery Sport - as of yet

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11 February 2016
Why not register I-Copy or I-Have No Original Ideas as well? Better still, rename the conventional Jags as 3,5 and 7 Series.

12 February 2016
Norma Smellons wrote:

Why not register I-Copy or I-Have No Original Ideas as well? Better still, rename the conventional Jags as 3,5 and 7 Series.

...who's embarrassed about being second best?

11 February 2016
So how long before a Hybrid F-Pace?

11 February 2016
Can they really build an EV F-Pace with a 300 mile range?

11 February 2016
Let them come ! However, a bit disappointed if they're called that way at the end... lol


European car parts market leader

11 February 2016
I wish the press would give the credit to who owns JLR. It is an Indian company, TATA, but built in the UK(for now).

11 February 2016
They're probably told to put the British word in JLR releases. Same with Volvo, except they've got to write Swedish at least 3 times.


Hydrogen cars just went POP

12 February 2016
It's only cars built in Britain which are described in this way. I've never seen Autocar describe a Ghent-built Volvo as 'Belgian' nor as 'Finnish' any of the many Porsches, Mercedes, Opels, Talbots and Fiskers made by Valmet. It wouldn't matter if they did it once, perhaps, but you're right - the B word pops up again again and again - which from memory it didn't when the company was British- or Ford-owned.

12 February 2016
i-Pace is a clumsy, inelegant name for anything if not quite as bad as that other paragon of Britishness, the Bentayga.

12 February 2016
I do wonder how long the meeting went on before they settled on those names.... Zzz... Zzz


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