Global sales slump in first months of 2015 gives cause for concern, however

Jaguar Land Rover’s rocketing sales performance slowed slightly over the last 12 months, according to the carmaker’s full-year results - and there is also an underlying concern because sales dropped by nearly a third in the early months of 2015, as sales in China, Russia and Brazil slumped.

Between March 2014 and March 2015, the company sold 462,209 vehicles globally, which was up 27,898 units from the 434,311 it sold in 2013-14, a rise of a fraction under 5%. Sales growth in the previous 12-month period was 17%. JLR’s overall earnings (EBITDA) was up to £4.13bn, a significant 18% rise year-on-year because the company sold more expensive models such as the Range Rover Sport and Jaguar F-Type.

Sales in China fell as a result of a government policy to reduce overt spending, while political instability in Russia and Brazil also hit luxury car sales.

The upshot was a pre-EBITDA profit margin of 18.9%, which is ahead of the 15.8% recorded by rivals Porsche in the last fiscal year.

Profits, however, rose by just £113m to £2.6bn, a figure JLR says was partly dragged down by the downward revaluation of the company’s foreign currency holdings as well as increasing sums being allocated to paying off previous investments in new models and factory equipment.

Meanwhile, JLR’s investment in new production equipment and new models reached a significant £3.15bn in the last financial year.

It’s thought that the new projects include further expansion of the Ingenium engine factory, investment in the Jaguar F-Pace SUV and Range Rover ‘Grand Evoque’ as well as the all-new Land Rover Defender model.

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26 May 2015
While I am happy to take on board your comments on cars, it may sensible to check your financial thoughts before releasing them. I have no idea what you mean by pre EBITDA margin? You either mean EBIT margin, or pre tax margin or possibly operating margin. I am not an accountant, but would like to see proper terminology used. Otherwise, one might suspect that you copied out a press release that you only half understood....


26 May 2015
....well said :)

26 May 2015
But. If it costs £3,15bn to create a profit of £2,6bn, Mr Tata must have deep pockets or JLR are going down the dunny.

27 May 2015
Aussierob wrote:

But. If it costs £3,15bn to create a profit of £2,6bn, Mr Tata must have deep pockets or JLR are going down the dunny.


That is not how it works.

JLR had sales of 462,209
Revenue of £21,9bn (so around 47,400 per car),
EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) £4.13bn (18.9% of 21.9)
Investment of £3.15bn, but most is written off over several years, of course;
Profit £2.6bn

Compare that to e.g. Audi:
Sales of 1,741,129
Revenue of £37,4bn (around 21,500 per car)
EBITDA of £3.40bn (9.1% of 37.4)
Investment of £3.18bn
Profit N/A

27 May 2015
... the usual Guardian reading peasants who spew the usual hackneyed shite about dropping kids at school and how these vehicles are just *so* anti-social? They always seem to go quiet when it's shown that they're a rip-roaring success.

27 May 2015
Hilton, ever thought about reading a book like reading and undeerstanding the financial times, or doing something like The CIMA certificate in business accounting to give you an insight into business figures / reporting / articles? the CIMA certificate is entry level, you can do it in the evenings and sit an electronic exam. Ignore me if you have done something similar already, but it will be useful for someone from a design background if you haven't. The sort of joined up understanding provided will really help. Its much more effective than learning in a piecemeal fashion.

27 May 2015
If I had the funds, the increase would have been 27,899 units as there'd be a new Discovery sitting on my drive. Surprised the increase is only 27,898 because the Evoque, Sport and new Discovery have proved very popular around these parts.

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