Currently reading: Jaguar Land Rover coaches autonomous cars to reduce motion sickness
Software measures passenger comfort and signals for autonomous vehicles to adjust driving style accordingly

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a programme that will allow self-driving cars to adapt their driving style to reduce motion sickness among passengers.

The programme is based on software that uses biometric sensors to detect how susceptible individual drivers and passengers are to getting car sick.

This data is then used by the system to find the ideal acceleration, braking and lane positioning to reduce motion sickness by up to 60%. The autonomous car then adjusts its driving style accordingly.

The software, which has been fine-tuned over 20,000 real-world and virtually simulated test miles racked up through JLR’s autonomous fleet, is expected to be integrated into the company’s future production cars as driver assist technology develops. Although JLR refused to comment on future product plans, a spokesperson said that the system's principles "can be applied to any vehicle with increased levels of automation".

JLR’s chief medical officer, Dr Steve Iley, said: “Mobility is rapidly changing, and we will need to harness the power of self-driving vehicles to achieve our goal of zero accidents and zero congestion.

“Solving the problem of motion sickness in driverless cars is the key to unlocking the huge potential of this technology for passengers, who will be able to use the travelling time for reading, working or relaxing.”

The program is part of JLR’s wider Destination Zero initiative, which aims to make driving safer by lowering CO2 emissions, accidents and congestion. Project Vector, an autonomous concept car, was recently revealed as part of this scheme.


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mrking 6 August 2020

in my experience

they need to get basics reliable before the start fiddling with all this stuff. Reliable means "gets well beyond the waranty before it starts falling to bits".

WinstonAlexanderson 6 August 2020

JLR is the future

This is exactly the tech JLR needs to overtake the the competition.

More emphasis on tech, more quality control and JLR will hit 1mil cars sold per year.

JLR makes the best designed and engineered vehicles on the market, once jaguar makes the transition to electric, the world will be JLRs oyster.

Cobnapint 6 August 2020

JLR has many things to fix

But this ain't one of them.