Currently reading: Honda reveals next-gen portable breathalyser
Japanese brand teams up with Hitachi to showcase a breathalyser prototype; the tech can be used anywhere and will integrate with a vehicle to stop it from starting if necessary

Honda has revealed a portable breathalyser protoytpe which integrates into smart keys and provides results within three seconds.

The breathalyser was developed in partnership with electronics giant Hitachi. Both parties are hoping to commercialise the technology, but there is no word yet on when this might be.

A Honda spokesperon said the breathalyser is a step in “Honda’s vision towards a collision-free society and a solution to drink-driving”.

While similar devices are already available, Honda claims its prototpye distinguishes itself by allowing the driver to measure their alcohol level from anywhere before entering the vehicle, rather than when already in the driver’s seat.

It can also confirm that the applied gas is human-exhaled breath and detect the alcohol level simultaneously – a feature which Honda claims is currently unavailable on other examples – within three seconds.

Alcohol level shown on car display panel

The two companies have developed a system that can show the alcohol level measured by the detector on a vehicle’s display panel. The system can function as an ignition interlock to stop a vehicle from starting when it detects that the driver is under the influence of alcohol.

An alert indicator also shows the measurement results on the vehicle’s display panel if the detector-equipped smart key is close to the driver seat.

The announcement is the latest step in Honda’s plight to tackle drink-driving. In December last year, the car maker teamed up with AlcoSense to give away personal breathalysers in Honda dealerships throughout the festive period.

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The Apprentice 30 March 2016

And how does it 'know' it was

And how does it 'know' it was legless Kevin that did the blowing and not his sober bird Tracy before allowing the car to start so he can demonstrate his manly prowess by re-enacting Need for Speed and arranging a funeral for Tracy's family to attend.
Symanski 29 March 2016

Where's the science?

In Scotland they lowered the limit on us, and of those 500ish people caught drink driving only 18 were between the old and new limits. It's having no effect on hard-core drinkers. But the limit was arbitrarily lowered without any scientific backing to say what levels of alcohol in the blood was causing accidents. The problem is that you had people who were responsible and perhaps had one pint with a mean, and after a while drove their partner home. Now they're just not going out and it's having a major effect on the restaurant trade, even though they weren't ever driving over the new limit never mind the old one. Whereas the real problem has always been those who have had a lot to drink the night before, a few hours sleep, and then are driving in the morning. Even by mid-day for some! Ideally, a responsible government would promote self-testing to ensure that you're still not drunk, but we have the SNP. And they believe in living in ignorance; it's how they get their support by conning ignorant people. So the SNP are anti-self testing to ensure that you are safe to drive. Without information how can the individual make a responsible decision?
Marc 29 March 2016

I can of a better solution to

I can of a better solution to stopping drink driving, could have saved Honda/Hitachi £££££. Irresponsible tossers...
Marc 29 March 2016

Marc wrote: I can of a better

Marc wrote:

I can of a better solution to stopping drink driving, could have saved Honda/Hitachi £££££. Irresponsible tossers...