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Ford expects scrappage withdrawal to hit its European sales in 2010

Ford expects its new car sales to be hit in 2010 when pan-European scrappage schemes are withdrawn across the continent.

Ford of Europe is currently forecasting a drop in sales of around two million units on 2009’s figures to around 13 to 14.5 million units.

No more scrappage extensions

Ingvar Sviggum, the firm’s head of marketing, sales and service, said in a statement that 2010 was currently “something of an unknown quantity” for the firm and it called on the EU and national governments to take action to ensure there isn’t a drastic drop in new car sales.

“Given the ongoing weakness in the European market, further actions are needed at both the national and EU level to help bolster consumer confidence and demand,” he said.

In October, Ford’s market share of 8.8 per cent in its main 19 European markets was its highest since 1997. Year-on-year sales were up 13 per cent, sales which were bolstered by the success of scrappage schemes.

Ford’s German sales, up 33 per cent on October 2008 to 6000 units, were its best October sales since 1998. The firm was market leader in the UK, Hungary and Ireland, with the Fiesta being its best seller, shifting 41,300 units.

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slipslop 13 November 2009

Re: Ford wary of scrappage ending

optimal_909 wrote:
True, but in the meantime the unions should be stripped of their rights to suspend work or whatever

What the hell are you talking about? We are not yet slaves in this country, despite the best efforts of politicians and public apathy. How dare you even suggest that a worker does not have the right to strike/withdraw his labour? Keep that Thatcherite claptrap to yourself.

It's your 'capitalist way' that caused this current economic mess. Give us the European way please in this country. Germany and France have coped much better with the mess created by the US/UK economic systems.

I do agree with those who say the scrappage scheme is wrong. I see no reason why taxpayers should fund this industry in this way, especially as most of the money goes abraod, to Korea or wherever.

I just want the Government to stop shovelling our money into the 'capitalist' banks to prop them up.

kairoo 13 November 2009

Re: Ford wary of scrappage ending

keeforelli wrote:

the german sales for october have risen with scrappage now removed......

so maybe not quite as much to worry about.

no. you're confusing order date with registration date. the end of order taking with the scrappage incentive was September but the delivery and registration of these cars will have been/will be October, November, December...quite possibly into 2010, as the 2 million units, €5bn German scrappage scheme by its sheer size created enormous bottlenecks and order backlogs for the likes of VW, who could only satisfy them with months delay from order point. the German dealers association are of course well aware of this and therefore know full well that 2010 will be nail-biting and grey hairs all round time. comprende?

The same thing, but with lesser magnitude - due to the scheme's much smaller size - will happen in UK, when the scheme ends in Feb 2010. there will be boosted sales figs. for March, April, possibly later still, just in time for the election! mere coincidence.

keeforelli 13 November 2009

Re: Ford wary of scrappage ending

the german sales for october have risen with scrappage now removed......

so maybe not quite as much to worry about.