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Nine electric vehicle charger operators have signed a letter of intent to open their networks through a roaming partnership
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25 September 2019

A collection of European electric vehicle (EV) charging point providers have agreed to open up their networks across the UK in a roaming partnership. 

Due to be established by the end of 2019, the partnership means EV drivers in the UK will require only a single subscription from any of nine operators to access their public charging stations. 

The three companies that initially proposed the tie-up – Allego, EVBox and NewMotion - have been joined by Chargemap, ChargePoint, Charge4Europe, Engenie, Franklin Energy and Travelcard and are encouraging other operators to participate.

A day in the life of an electric car charger

The agreement will also result in the operators sharing charging station information - such as electricity cost and charger status - to improve the charging experience for EV drivers. 

The UK has been well behind the European curve for charger interoperability. Such agreements found in countries such as the Netherlands, France and Germany are credited with significant growth of EV sales there. 

It's claimed that the new system will benefit business users as much as private users, allowing companies to manage all of their billing and reimbursement from their vehicle users in one account. That could, in theory, help EVs become a more mainstream selection for fleet managers. 

Christopher Burghardt, managing director for Europe at ChargePoint, said: “This agreement is a significant step in the expansion of access to public charging, improving the driver experience and helping to make the switch to e-mobility more seamless for UK drivers. Roaming agreements not only allow us to expand our global footprint; it's also another example of how collaboration across the industry is key to a greener, more sustainable electric future.”

The partnership comes soon after one of the top makers of charging points, Swiss-based ABB, called the adoption of common charging and payment standards a vital step towards widespread EV take-up. 

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Peter Cavellini 25 September 2019


 Yes, it's about the only thing I've read that's good News!, maybe if Boris would walk?, no, I've been laughing since the Tory party put him into bat!.....

bol 25 September 2019

Quite a big deal

For people who have owned an electric car, this is one of the biggest frustrations. I have half a dozen different cards and subscriptions to manage. While that's fine if you're an early adopters evangelist, it's prohibitive to the less technology-minded or motivated. Along with more affordable options, more choice and 200 mile plus range, this is going to hasten us towards the tipping point. Excellent news. 

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