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Swedish brand's owner NEVS agrees to sell intellectual property rights to Turkish government's 'national car' project
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19 October 2015

The Saab 9-3 is set to live on in spirit after Turkey agreed to buy the intellectual property rights to the car.

The Turkish government has been working towards producing its own 'national vehicle', designed to showcase the region’s production and development facilities. The country has been working with National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the company that acquired the assets of Saab’s car division in 2012.

NEVS, which filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014, claims to have sold the last of its Saab 9-3 electric vehicles earlier this year - and its official website states that its “next chapter” will be to develop its own car from scratch. Now Turkish officials have confirmed that the basis for the national car will be the 9-3 - although the Saab name will not be transferred.

“We bought Saab 9-3’s intellectual property rights, but not its name,” Turkey’s science, industry and technology minister, Fikri Isik, told a news TV channel. “The brand of the car will be a Turkish brand; it will not be Saab. We will develop the technology in Turkey. A minimum of 85% of the car parts will be produced in Turkey.”

Officials have already revealed three prototypes of the new car, which appears to be a 9-3 with Cadillac-influenced front-end styling.

Turkish development agencies are now expected to take control of the project, although Isik insisted: “The co-operation with NEVS that developed the 9-3 will continue.”

The car - which is expected to build upon the electric specs already developed by NEVS, giving a range of around 120 miles and a 0-62mph time of 10.0sec - is expected to appear in showrooms by 2020. 

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19 October 2015
"appears to be a 9-3 with Cadillac-influenced front-end styling."

So a Cadillac BLS then?

19 October 2015
I think it might be a bit more of a hybrid (visually, not technically!) than that. There's a video on of a disguised prototype undergoing testing. The front end is pure BLS, albeit with a different grille. The tail, however, appears to have horizontal light clusters, unlike the vertical stack on the BLS and more similar to the 9-3's arrangement. The rear quarter window line looks angular, like the BLS, but has lost the sharply angled bright trim used to disguise the shape of the quarter window and make it more Cadillac like. I think I need to get out more...

19 October 2015
A Cadillac BLS is a Saab 9-3 is a Vauxhall/Opel Vectra - they all share that same (piece of cr*p) platform - theyre all the same underneath, thats why the 9-3 was so disappointingly bad.

20 October 2015
As I said in my post, I was referring purely to the visual differences between the two, and how these appear to be combined on the new Turkish national car.

19 October 2015
Not one to be concerned about. Won't be seen or heard of again.

19 October 2015
A sad ending to a once great car company. GM would have been better putting a clean bullet in to Saab when they decided that it no longer had a future. Instead the brand has lingered on and on…….

19 October 2015
GM's speciality is killing other car brands

20 October 2015
by buying in an old car from outside the region. Yes, that makes sense.

20 October 2015
They folded under Spyker not GM and Saab bought the both of them down. GM should never have got involved in such an uncompetive company. Strange no ever mentions BMWW asset stripping Leyland

20 October 2015
xxxx wrote:

They folded under Spyker not GM and Saab bought the both of them down. GM should never have got involved in such an uncompetive company. Strange no ever mentions BMWW asset stripping Leyland

BMW asset stripping Leyland?


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