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Ford's US sales figures were up 16.99 per cent in August

The success of the cash for clunkers scrappage incentive scheme has helped boost August’s new car sales in the US, with the Ford Motor Company seeing its sales rise 16.99 per cent year-on-year.

Ford’s great rivals General Motors and Chrysler saw sales down 20.19 and 15.43 per cent down on August last year, although both firms saw significant sales increases on July.

Ford sold 182,149 units across its brands, with GM selling 246,479 and Chrysler 93,222.

As individual brands, Kia, Subaru and Hyundai all saw huge increases on 2008 levels. Kia’s sales were up 60.38 per cent to 40,198 units, while Subaru’s sales were up 51.51 per cent to 28,683 units and Hyundai’s 47.01 per cent to 60,467 units.

Saab was the worst performing brand in the US, selling just 484 units – around 300 less than next worst performer Hummer – as its sales fell 67.80 per cent on August 2008.

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