Currently reading: Brighton to 20 get recharging points
Sussex city will be the UK's second biggest electric car-friendly city after London

Brighton is to install 20 recharging points for electric cars within the next months.

The move will make it UK’s second most electric vehicle-friendly city behind London. The first 10 Elektrobay recharging points will be installed this year, with the next 10 due to arrive early next year.

Brighton-based Elektromotive has developed and manufacturered the bays and four are currently installed in the city as pilot stations.

Calvey Taylor-Haw, managing director of Elektromotive, said: “We have installed the Elektrobay in locations across the country, as well as in Europe and even Saudi Arabia, but this project is especially exciting for us as it is taking place in our home town.

“By encouraging drivers to switch to electric, Brighton will benefit hugely. There will be less air pollution and local residents will appreciate the quiet of EVs. The installation of the Elektrobays will take place over a short period of time, providing EV users with rapid access to charging facilities.”

The bays are compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and feature a single socket with an output of 13 amps, the same as a household plug.

People access the Elektrobay’s power supply using a personalised wireless key fob that opens the door at the front of the unit. To prevent interference from a third party, the door locks shut when charging is in progress.

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Leslie Brook 27 April 2010

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Re: Brighton to 20 get recharging points

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