Currently reading: BMW 'confident' it can win solid state battery race
BMW’s Ian Robertson says that firms are searching for next-generation battery and electric systems that can provide a competitive advantage

Car makers are in a race against time to develop next-generation battery and electrical systems that can deliver a competitive advantage, according to BMW’s outgoing head of marketing Ian Robertson.

At present, the electric cars on sale deliver broadly the same range and performance, with pricing being affected by other aspects of the vehicle. However, Robertson believes some car makers are on the cusp of making breakthroughs that could shift the capabilities and earn them the edge over rivals. “We believe that the next few steps in development will turn batteries from a commodity into something delivering more of a technical advantage,” said Robertson.

Life at BMW: marketing boss Ian Robertson on a 38-year career

“Ultimately, that advantage will probably even out again, but there will be a period where the battery capability will become a defining factor in choice.

“Today, car buyers will choose an engine based on different factors – its power, its economy, its refinement. Some are better than others, and there will be a period where customers will have a choice of batteryperformance in a similar way.” BMW has a long-standing partnership with Toyota in developing battery and hydrogen technology, the latter having revealed its plans to sell solid state batteries by around 2025. Solid state batteries have the potential to deliver greater performance than lithium ion ones, while being smaller and potentially cheaper in time.

Toyota and Panasonic look into automotive battery business

“I’m confident with where we are at,” Robertson said. “Solid state batteries are already working in the lab, but bringing them to production is proving incredibly difficult.”

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vinylnutter 18 February 2018

This story begins with an

This story begins with an image of an i3 noting it has recently been updated to a 186 mile nedc range. I believe the last battery related update was in the middle of 2016. This does not constitute recently in my opinion.

mpls 16 February 2018

mening .. joint first with

mening .. joint first with Toyota !

xxxx 15 February 2018

BMW, will get there.

Well I certainly think BMW must have something up their sleeve as they won't want JLR and Audi to look streets ahead on the tech front post iPace and e-tron.