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The Morgan Plus 8 has reappeared as a new model after an absence of almost a decade

After an absence of almost a decade, the Morgan Plus 8 reappeared as a new and fully-fledged model at the Geneva motor show earlier this year. It's making a UK debut at today's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Two versions of the new ‘classic’ Morgan have been created: the production version, powered by BMW’s 4.8-litre normally aspirated V8, and an all-electric prototype christened ‘Plus-e’, built to gauge public reaction before a decision is made on production.

The production Plus 8 slots back into Malvern Link’s showroom range underneath Morgan’s all-aluminium ‘Aero’-series flagship cars, and above the six-cylinder Morgan Roadster. Morgan development engineer Robert Gibson told Autocar “it’s a car customers have wanted us to build for ten years,” since the introduction of the Aero models.

The new Plus 8 uses the same bonded and riveted aluminium chassis as the more expensive Aero cars, rather than the galvanized steel ladder chassis of Morgan’s Roadster and Plus 4. The classic-style body, though, is lighter than the Aero’s, allowing for a lesser kerbweight – just 1100kg without fluids.

Morgan describes the new Plus 8 as its “most comfortable classic model”. It comes as standard with air conditioning, a leather upholstered cockpit, a high quality audio system and a double-lined convertible roof. The car’s V8 engine, available from the factory with as much as 390bhp, can also be teamed with an optional six-speed torque converter automatic transmission. Both manual and auto versions of the car hit 62mph in just 4.5sec; the automatic is marginally the more frugal, returning 26mpg on the combined cycle.

Although the Plus-e electric sports car is a prototype, Morgan chief designer Matt Humphries says “we’re developing the idea for production as soon as possible,” provided reaction is positive. At the moment the prototype runs with a Valence li-ion battery, which adds more weight than Morgan would like – it’s 150kg heavier than the petrol powertrain. Morgan is contemplating commissioning its own battery pack instead. The Zytek motor offers 163bhp and even in prototype form its range is said to be 120 miles. “It’s a working car with a usable range,” Humphries says. “You just charge it up and go for a blast.”


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gaco1 6 March 2012

Re: Morgan revives ‘classic’ Plus 8

275not599 wrote:

I think Morgans are sensitive to cosmetics. The earlier ones got it right, I even got used to the wheels. Sometimes they are compromised by regulations but sometimes it's bad taste: tombstone seats with tarty contrasting piping, ugly steering wheels, plastic-looking wood everywhere. This car has dreadful wheels and, if you check the Morgan website, you will see an airbag-equipped steering wheel that is unnecessarily ugly.

The price is over 80,000. If you want one of these then you are looking for an amusing toy, in which case save yourself 50 grand and buy one of the many Plus 8s available from the 90s and earlier. Slower and marginally less practical (so what?) but just as much fun and better residuals over the next 5 years.

I find having less capital tied up in a car is liberating, allowing you to indulge more freely in an exuberant driving style.

Spot on 275. If ever I was to be tempted, I'd be tempted by the old Plus 8. I don't think the car needs more than 300bhp and the Rover V8's had more character too.

DKW 5 March 2012

Re: Morgan revives ‘classic’ Plus 8

petrolheadinrussia wrote:

Uncle Mellow wrote:
not offerring the car with a BMW straight-six diesel

They made the choice of Hybrid - which I agree with you was a daft choice as the diesel would have made more sense (and probably result in better performance and better economy to boot!)
Not much point in producing a car at the 1100 Kg point and then sticking in a weighty diesel lump, specially as Morgans tend to be low mileage cars. Could say the same about a hybrid system mind you, unless it's a light hybrid, which doesn't seem to be the case here. At least it would suit the modest distances owners tend to do.

ianp55 7 February 2012

Re: Morgan revives ‘classic’ Plus 8

How long is the waiting list these days for a Morgan? somewhat longer than most other marques