A more focused version of the Toyota GT86 has been developed by TRD to showcase the performance division's products
14 June 2013

The most extreme Toyota GT86 will make its UK debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The TRD Griffon Project is a showcase for TRD's performance parts.

Toyota says the Griffon, which is not intended for production, has been developed specifically for track driving with extensive modifications to reduce weight and strengthen the chassis.

TRD has replaced the standard GT86’s Torsen limited-slip diff with its own mechanical diff and the final drive ratio has been reduced to 4.8:1. Coilover suspension units, a new oil cooler and TRD monoblock callipers with race-spec brake pads are among the other modifications.

The GT86 Griffon features a carbonfibre roof, bonnet, doors, bootlid and rear wings, while carbonfibre-reinforced plastic has been used to construct the bumpers, front wings and rear diffuser. The standard car’s glass windows have been replaced by polycarbonate units.

A new driver’s bucket seat, gear knob, ignition button and gauges – all from TRD –are installed alongside a Momo steering wheel and Takata seatbelts. 

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Toyota GT86

This light, uncomplicated coupé promises so much. Can the Toyota GT86 deliver?

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14 June 2013

Given how good this looks I can't help but feel a little disappointed there isn't going to be more power to exploit all that extra grip.

It would undoubtedly be highly accomoplished on a track but would it not feel massively over-tyred and inflexible? I reckon it would feel a bit one dimensional too, you'd have to get your excitement from looking at a stopwatch.

Given the extreme nature of this car a relatively conservative 20-25% rise in power and torque (250hp/250Nm) would lift the appeal considerably. I'm talking a re-stroked motor with 2.5 litres rather than screwing the existing 2.0.

14 June 2013

So long as they don't do a brown one

15 June 2013

All that grip and no turbo?  Meh.

15 June 2013

I would have hoped for a little turbo or super charging otherwise it's all looks and no guts.

15 June 2013

Bomb is absolutely right: an increase in capacity and, especially, in torque, would clinch it.

As it is, the engine is desolately empty at low to medium revs, and it feels very noisily strained: the sound and the speed don't tally. I know, I own one. Ah, 50 horses more!

16 June 2013

I took a GT86 out for a spin yesterday.  So much of it was just spot on, but the engine is incredibly noisy for a car with so little oomph. Driving on a light throttle everything is ok, but that's not why one buys a sporting car!  Excellent suspension, fantastic seats, woeful stereo.  I reckon the car could handle more power and thicker insulation to make it a bit more special.  Pity theres no tach, just a letterbox boot.


17 June 2013

i sory but this articule is lacks an important infrmation. with this transformation the car has gone through a massive 500 lbs (227 Kg) weight reduction! wich means it alters the BHP/ton ratio! and its 200 BHP is equivalent to have 240 bhp in the normal car.




17 June 2013

As it is, the engine is desolately empty at low to medium revs, and it feels very noisily strained: the sound and the speed don't tally

30 June 2013

As it is, the engine is desolately empty at low to medium revs, and it feels very noisily strained: the sound and the speed don't tally.

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