Currently reading: Next Ford Ka won't be priced against budget rivals
Ford chiefs won't drive the Ka downmarket to combat an increasing threat from cars such as the Dacia Sandero

Ford of Europe boss Stephen Odell has denied that the next-generation Ford Ka will be aimed at budget rivals such as the Dacia Sandero, saying that it has been designed to meet customer needs.

The Ka Concept was revealed at the end of last year in Brazil, where it will be built, and then made its European debut in Spain. The five-door concept showed a marked departure from the current Ka, co-developed with Fiat.

"We're not pushing down with the next Ka so much as meeting the requirements of the market," said Odell. "There's a clear demand for cars of this size and price.

"We are not going up against the value brands. We might be priced towards the top end of their offering and the lower end of the middle market, but that's a function of offering a car customers want.

"I'm quite excited by it. It will offer something very different to the Fiesta, at a very different price, but still have the hallmarks of Ford DNA. I'm very excited."


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Rickyp 10 March 2014

ford Ka

Excited..! Very excited !!
Really ??
I genuinely feel sorry for this guy..
Our thoughts are with him at this sad time.!!
marj 10 March 2014

So you are excited

"I'm quite excited by it. It will offer something very different to the Fiesta, at a very different price, but still have the hallmarks of Ford DNA. I'm very excited."

So you are excited. This looks just like a mini Fiesta, when every competitor is creating stand alone (in design terms) models from the rest of the range at this level. I am not sure this will sell if you can get a 'full size' Fiesta for £1,000 more.

n50pap 10 March 2014

A repeat of the Nissan Micra saga?

This does seem a bit like the Nissan Micra saga. The most recent car is five door only, although instead of being made in India it's Brazil and the higher price will drop as soon as the car doesn't fly out of showrooms.
My Ka is fine, but I wouldn't buy another, especially not a five door. The new Fiat 500 five door looks a far better prospect, but presumably because the Ka hasn't sold in decent numbers means Ford have chosen to move production from Poland.
The fact that Fiat keep refreshing the 500 model line-up does make the Ka range seem rather dull. Even the colours are almost identical to the range when the new Ka was introduced. The fact that the car hasn't changed much might suggest it's not been a big seller.
the instigator 10 March 2014

New Ford KaNot Excite Me

Oh dear!
let's hope they know more about marketing and winning products in this sector than they are letting on... KaNot could be a new name other wise... agree about the colours and keeping up with the pace of change... why do their interiors have to be black or grey nowadays... this is not so much a car as a fashion accessory... rear end misses so many design opportunities as does the front... new rear drive Renault and the Aygo et al look to be more on the ball... if too expensive everyone go for a pre-owned Fiesta or shop elsewhere anyway... soft roof version please