Smart has unveiled a series of subtle styling tweaks to its Smart Fotwo city car for 2012
6 March 2012

Smart has unveiled a series of subtle styling tweaks to its Smart Fotwo city car for 2012. The look was first previewed on the electric Smart Fortwo ED at last year’s Frankfurt motor show, and was seen on the rest of the range for the first time at the Geneva motor show.

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Styling tweaks include a new front grille, which now features an integrated Smart logo. There is also new front and rear spoilers, ‘muscular’ side skirts, and revised optional horizontal LED daytime running lights. Three new alloy wheel designs and seven exterior colour choices are also offered.

Interior tweaks include fresh, higher quality leather and fabric trim options, and optional leather trim to surround the instrument panel. Five trim levels – Pure, Pulse, Passion, Brabus and Brabus Xcvlusive – are offered, but UK models will likely receive just three - Pulse, Passion and Brabus.

There have been no chassis tweaks, nor any changes to the Smart’s engine line-up. That means buyers can choose from a 1.0-litre three-pot petrol with 70bhp, 84bhp or 101bhp in the Brabus, or a 0.8-litre diesel with 54bhp.

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1 February 2012

I personally don't think the badge looks right in the grille. It looks very stuck-on. I think Smart probably need to get a move on launching the full-on next-gen model.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

1 February 2012

[quote Mini1]I don't think the badge looks right in the grille.[/quote]Agreed, Mini. The grille is designed as the mouth of the car, the headlights the eyes - another indication Merc doesn't appear to understand the ideas behind the concept of a friendly micro-car.

1 February 2012

I think the badge of grill looks bad as well. It is almost like a case of designers thinking

"Hmmmm what can we change. We need to change something, but nothing too much as we have a new car out next year. Needs to be cheap...."

1 February 2012

If the side skirts add width, and are purely cosmetic, it's a bizzare thing to do with a car that works well mainly because if it's size. Agree about the badge on the grille, looks out of place.

1 February 2012

Agree with the comments about the badge, it no longer looks like the car is smiling. Assume it is the same grille for all trim variants - what would be good if some trims had the new big badge grille (the sporty looking ones) and others had the original grille like what Merc do with the C class.

1 February 2012

[quote Mini1]I personally don't think the badge looks right in the grille.[/quote]

If you just glance it, you could mistake it for a Renault badge.....

...... Now, the new Forfour will have a Renault engine and chassis......... Mercedes trying to tell us something...... ;-))



It's all about the twisties........

1 February 2012

[quote TegTypeR]the new Forfour will have a Renault engine and chassis......... [/quote]

The next Smart ForTwo a Renualt transmission to rid it of the residue of hesitation on change-up.

1 February 2012

The badge on the grill looks like a hole for a starting handle, (and yes i know it would have to be a long handle to get to the back)

1 February 2012

Silly grill. Facelift for the sake of a facelift.

1 February 2012

[quote Swindon]Facelift for the sake of a facelift[/quote]

There's some cost saving exercises in the interior.


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