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New folding hard top model will be the first Renault to get a dual-clutch 'box
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2 March 2010

Renault’s new Mégane Coupé Cabriolet will offer a novel two-piece, full-length folding glass roof when it goes on sale in June. It has been revealed at today's Geneva motor show.

The new unit will be the largest glazed roof in the Mégane’s class. The dark glazing is framed by black metal spars; these give the impression of an all-glass structure, helping to make the roof structure look much lighter and less bulky than is traditional with this kind of convertible.

The Mégane CC will also be the first Renault to get the firm’s new dual-clutch transmission. The new six-speed unit is said to cut CO2 emissions by up to 17 per cent compared with a regular auto; that’s about 30g/km. It will be available with Renault’s 108bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine.

The rest of the range includes 128bhp and 158bhp diesels, and 138bhp and 128bhp petrol four-pots. The 138bhp unit is available with a new CVT transmission.

Boot capacity is 417 litres with the roof up, the smallest in the class. With the roof folded that’s reduced to 211 litres, but Renault claims that the boot aperture, which is often small on folding hard-top cars, is the largest in the class.

Prices have not been announced, but the car will cost from around £20,000, equal to Peugeot’s 308CC, its main rival.

Dan Stevens


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Simonsays 6 February 2010

Re: Renault Megane CC revealed

Have to admit as a designer working in the car industry I was curious about CC's so last feb, with an open mind, I bought a Meg CC to give it a try (none are that great looking but I felt it the best of the mid size CC's), I needed 2 rear seats as I have young children, I also plumped for the 130bhp diesel as I do a 60 mile round trip to work and back, and I have to say its been a cracking car - if you can get over the fact it seems to be mostly women driving these things then they are great cars, from a practical point of view it returns 45mpg easily, its modern inside, has a 5star crash rating and has an enormous boot when the roofs up (and still bigger than a mini's when its down!), from a fun point of view the engine pulls with more than adequate urge and when its above about 17 degrees i.e. april to oct its great having the roof down for a blast of fresh air. Driving down to Bordeaux last summer was excellent fun.

Altogether I'd recommend one, I looked at trading onto a Volvo CC as I think they look better, but inside it isn't much bigger and the boot is smaller. Think I'll end up changing tack for its replaecment though and go for a Maserati 3200. :0)

pdmc 6 February 2010

Re: Renault Megane CC revealed

ordinary bloke wrote:
KeithE wrote:
All to easily done
Exactly - all TOO easily done!

LOL! I didn't see your post! That amused me too.

pdmc 6 February 2010

Re: Renault Megane CC revealed

KeithE wrote:
All to easily done

I think you mean - all too easily done.

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