New folding hard top model will be the first Renault to get a dual-clutch 'box
2 March 2010

Renault’s new Mégane Coupé Cabriolet will offer a novel two-piece, full-length folding glass roof when it goes on sale in June. It has been revealed at today's Geneva motor show.

The new unit will be the largest glazed roof in the Mégane’s class. The dark glazing is framed by black metal spars; these give the impression of an all-glass structure, helping to make the roof structure look much lighter and less bulky than is traditional with this kind of convertible.

The Mégane CC will also be the first Renault to get the firm’s new dual-clutch transmission. The new six-speed unit is said to cut CO2 emissions by up to 17 per cent compared with a regular auto; that’s about 30g/km. It will be available with Renault’s 108bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine.

The rest of the range includes 128bhp and 158bhp diesels, and 138bhp and 128bhp petrol four-pots. The 138bhp unit is available with a new CVT transmission.

Boot capacity is 417 litres with the roof up, the smallest in the class. With the roof folded that’s reduced to 211 litres, but Renault claims that the boot aperture, which is often small on folding hard-top cars, is the largest in the class.

Prices have not been announced, but the car will cost from around £20,000, equal to Peugeot’s 308CC, its main rival.

Dan Stevens

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Renault Megane

The Renault Megane looks bland, and it's not that good to drive either

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5 February 2010

I think it looks marginally better than the 308CC, but it looks a bit square. Also, I think Autocar might have been meaning to say the 1.5 diesel engine, rather than 1.6? Only a small error but Autocar seem to be making a lot of then lately.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

5 February 2010

One ugly car - further evidence of Renault's loss of design flair. Can't help it looks dated already and thought an earlier report suggested Renault had worked hard to reduce the bulk normally associated with such coupe cabriolets - if that's the case, I can't see where the work went?

5 February 2010

Another CC type car with a massive, fat arse. When will manufacturers learn that they look stupid and start making proper rag-tops again?

I'd rather risk a stanley knife through the roof than drive an ugly megane, 308 cc etc.

5 February 2010

I wonder if it will look better in the flesh, I always thought it's predecessor was one of the better looking CC types. It's all a bit wrong anyway isn't it? Just go with cloth & make the cars look nice!

5 February 2010

Pointless but looks better than its Peugeot and Ford rivals and rear is improved vs the old car.

What is it with manufacturers painting the door mirrors a different colour to the rest of the car?

5 February 2010

This thing is awful, the rear is just as ugly as the Focus. Really, start building ragtops again, these things are just cancer for our eyes.

5 February 2010

the rear of the car looks rather sad to me, like it doesnt want to be attached to the rest of the car lol And the reason they don't go back to fabric roofs is due to the fact the people keep buying CC's

5 February 2010

[quote superstevie]And the reason they don't go back to fabric roofs is due to the fact the people keep buying CC's[/quote] I thought people weren't buying them, I read that's why the Focus isn't getting another one and Vauxhall probably won't replace the Astra CC. Could be wrong though. As mentioned above they all have fat, ungainly bums and tiny boot space. If the MX-5 can have a folding hard-top that hardly makes any difference to the boot-space, then why can't the other manufacturers make a better fist of it. Granted the MX-5 doesn't have much roof to fold, but surely there's better solutions than what Renault et al are offering.

5 February 2010

IMO out of the cheapest CC the previous Megane and vauxhall managed the rear profile the best. The latest version looks more like a saloon with the roof up, which I assume is the idea. These types of cars are always balancing compromises as all cars are really. Given the choice I would prefer a glass roof over a fabric solution and avoid the dark cabin. IMO just based on looks the focus is just wrong the Peugeot is getting better and the Vauxhall will hopefully improve with the next version and the Megane hasn’t really improved enough visually. Based on packaging I would save the extra money or by secondhand and get the Volvo CC.

5 February 2010

[quote Mini1]Only a small error but Autocar seem to be making a lot of then lately.[/quote]

All to easily done


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