Lightweight, stripped-down Gallardo revealed on the eve of the Geneva motor show
5 March 2010

Lamborghini is bringing back the lightweight, stripped-down Gallardo with a new Superleggera model, launched this week at the Geneva show. The new model becomes the lightest car in the firm’s range, and employs much of the thinking that was behind the 2007 Gallardo Superleggera.

Mechanically the Superleggera is much the same as a standard LP560-4 — so it comes with a 5.2-litre V10 — but as with the previous model, the power has been increased by 10bhp, to 562bhp. Torque stays the same at 398lb ft.

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The weight savings, achieved mainly through the use of carbonfibre, helps to give the car a kerb weight of 1340kg. That’s around 70kg less than a standard Gallardo.

Much of the interior — including the centre console, the door panels and the shells of the seats — is made from carbonfibre, while the exterior features carbonfibre sill covers, rear spoiler and mirror casings.

The rear windscreen and the side windows are made from polycarbonate, while the forged aluminium wheels help to cut 13kg. Even the wheel bolts are made from light, expensive titanium.

The standard transmission is Lamborghini’s E-gear system, although a manual gearbox is available as a no-cost option. Combined fuel consumption with the E-gear is 17.5mpg, and Lamborghini claims CO2 emissions of 319g/km. The manual version of the car returns 16.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 344g/km.

The power increase and weight gains mean that the Gallardo Superleggera posts a 0-62mph acceleration time of 3.4sec, but like the previous version, the car promises sharper, quicker reactions and better in-gear acceleration.

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The body has also been reworked to improve the car’s aerodynamics and downforce on the front axle.

Handling is likely to be significantly better than a normal Gallardo, too, with reinforced, stiffer mounts for the dampers and roll bars.

If the standard Superleggera isn’t enough, buyers can choose from track-oriented options such as four-point belts, a fire extinguisher and a roll cage.

The new Superleggera goes on sale in the UK this spring, and while the price has yet to be officially announced, expect it to cost around £180,000 — or £30,000 more than a regular Gallardo LP560-4.

Dan Stevens

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1 March 2010

Wow lambos just get better and better this car is best lookin car ever full stop

1 March 2010

i have to agree 100% Lamborghini have making supercars down to a fine art!

1 March 2010

Not sure if this is worth an extra 30 grand over the standard car, the standard Lambo is a great enough car in black it looks to good to be true. Only if I worked a little harder at school :(.........

1 March 2010

Want one!

1 March 2010

Finally the wait is over - and what a stunner! Better start saving...

1 March 2010

Stunning, Love Lambo's and especially in this green colour.

1 March 2010

I see regularly an orange Gallardo Superleggera. A true catch eye!

1 March 2010

Very nice. Approved.

(In manual form, at least)

1 March 2010

Cracking car. The world would be a poorer place without Lamborghini. Not sure about this version though. 40kgs is not that much, perhaps the weight of a small child?

I'm sure it's a sharper, better drive as Autocar suggest but don't think it would be worth the extra money. However, it's simply theoretical from my point of view... I don't think I could afford the wheels, let alone the actual car!!!

The comments section needs a makeover... how about a forum??

2 March 2010

The car looks gorgeous but have to agree that a reduction of 40kg really isn't much. Would have been better if they made a Balboni Superleggera, now that's amore!


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