Power is increased to 740bhp in the revised model; full details to be revealed at Geneva tomorrow
3 March 2010

Gumpert has launched a revised version of its Apollo Sport at the Geneva motor show.

Power has been increased from 690bhp in the current car's twin-turbo 4.2-litre V8 to 740bhp. The upgrade which has been achieved by changes to the ECU and improvements to the Apollo’s cooling system.

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Its Formula One-style TT40e gearbox has also been tweaked and can now change gear in just 40 milliseconds. Gumpert claims the car can now lap the Nurburgring in just 7min11.57sec.

Gumpert has also made minor changes to the front and rear styling to boost its aerodynamic efficiency. LED daytime running lights have been added as standard.

The firm has also revealed it will make the Apollo in right-hand drive for export from Germany. Full details of the revised car, including official pictures, will be revealed at the Geneva show.

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1 March 2010

Super. We should now see this achieving 0-62 times in under three seconds over and over.

1 March 2010

[quote VirginPower]

Super. We should now see this achieving 0-62 times in under three seconds over and over.


How awfully exciting VirginPower, will you join me in cracking one off if it achieves such mythical endeavours?

Champagne dear heart, champagne.

1 March 2010

I was hoping they would be launching one with bodywork that does not look like you have already crashed it at the Flugplatz.

1 March 2010

[quote Phillip McCavitie]How awfully exciting VirginPower, will you join me in cracking one off if it achieves such mythical endeavours?[/quote]

Surely, but I'm sure you don't need any help from me.

I had a very restless night thinking about the issue of the Gumpert, and have arisen after hours of sleeplessness knowing now that what it symbolises is the way this country is going to pot.

The Germans run everything out the back door, and we spend too much money on Europe. The Gumpert is just another example of that and how everything's totally fucked.

I'm sorry if my saying that brought a tear to the eye, but if you care, you'll know exactly what I mean. I hate the Germans and I hate what Gordon Bloody Brown has done to this country, and how he taxes me left-right-and-centre! There's no better example of this state of affairs than the Gumpert.

It's a metaphor for the immigrant that Brown has used to fill up this country (which has gone completely to pot, by the way) with a constituency of affected poor who he may fraudulently convince, on the way to a tragic victory in the upcoming election, are only catered to by his destructive policies of dogmatic spite.

As an example of this there is none better than the Gumpert Apollo. I hate this bloody country and everyone in it.

Rather than the wanky you were after, I'm sure we'd simply shed a tear at how crap everything is as we consider what the Gumpert Apollo (which, hopefully, should now consistently do 0-62 runs in under three seconds) signifies. The End, that's what.

The Gumpert Apollo is all that has ravaged my country and left it dying in a pit full of the desiccated lees of its own sweat and blood spilled on the battlefields of itself. Memories of drift. All is lost, and before us sits, grinning a wide alien grin, the Gumpert Apollo - sort of looking over its shoulder, I think.

1 March 2010

Kind of makes a 599XX look like a limp wristed effort, doesn't it?

Peter Cavellini.

1 March 2010

utterly, utterly pointless.

If you're going to foist such irrelevancies on the world, at least make them pretty.

A purely engineering solution (a fine engineering solution it has to be said) to a question nobody's asking.

3 March 2010

Gordon Brown is not ruining your life, you are. Yes, you are to blame because you're not even blaming the right people. All politicians are just puppets for the people who are really ruining your life who pull those strings.

As for the Gumpert Apollo, if it's fast it's beautiful.


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

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