European-spec hybrid will be revealed at Geneva next month
2 March 2010

Honda has revealed the European version of its CR-Z hybrid coupe at the Geneva motor show, with pricing starting from £16,999.

The 2+2 coupe’s styling has been toned down from the concepts seen at last year’s Tokyo and Los Angeles shows, with some of the sharper lines being ironed out. The US version was shown at last month’s Detroit motor show.

Honda has said the car has been design for the European market, not the US, and this is where it expects the majority of its sales to come from. In the UK, it expects to sell around 3000 units per year.

See the official Honda CR-Z for Europe pics

Honda UK’s head of marketing, Tom Gardner, said, “Kart-like handling and direct steering will make it great fun to drive, but the hybrid system means exhaust emissions are kept low.

“With the torque boost of the electric motor, it’s ideally suited to ‘point-to-point’ driving in British towns and cities.”

Honda is billing the CR-Z as the world’s first hybrid sports car, and its power comes from Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system, borrowed from the Insight. However, the CR-Z gets a larger, 1.5-litre engine with 102bhp and a 20bhp electric motor. Its combined outputs are 122bhp and 128lb ft of torque; maximum torque arrives at just 1500rpm.

Power is sent to the front wheels through a six-speed manual ’box, the first time such a gearbox has appeared in a series hybrid. The CR-Z emits 117g/km of CO2, and returns 56.4mpg.

Drivers can choose from three driving modes — to maximise fun, economy or a combination of both — and these alter the throttle response, steering, idle stop timing, climate control and the IMA’s assistance.

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The CR-Z sits on a shortened version of the Insight’s platform, but the track has been widened and its wheelbase has shrunk by 115mm. It’s also 295mm shorter than the five-door and, at 1196kg, it weighs 44kg less. The suspension features new spring and damper settings to improve the car’s ride and handling, which have been criticised on the Insight.

The base S will cost £16,999 rising to £17,999 for the Sport and £19,999 for the GT.

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8 February 2010

Pricing will be interesting, as it has ended up being much slower than most had hoped for, so they will have to get the kit and pricing right. I guess it will make a very cheap to have company car though. Of course the low value of Sterling wont help.

One point, Autocar. Its not the first time a manual box has been fitted to a Hybrid, just the first 6 speed manual. Both the original Insight and the first Civic Hybrid had manual boxes available.

Any idea if the 'hot' mugan version will still be hybrid? Or will they just fit a nice V-Tec?

2 March 2010

£16,999 for 54mpg and 117g/km 2+2 seating

Or £8,258 for 62mpg and 106g/km for 4 seats in an Aygo.

7 March 2010

I'm really looking forward to driving one - I might just buy it!

Problem for me is the performance looks weak for the price. At 99g/km of CO2 it would be special but 117 is a bit ordinary. Yes its only 10% company car tax now - but from April 2012 it will prob be 14% - you need under 100 to stay in the 10% band.

An Audi A3 1.6TDi looks like more fun for the same money and much better economy?

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