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Next generation X-Trail targets the Ford Mondeo and other big saloons; new Nissan SUV is a road-biased SUV

The all-new Nissan X-Trail has been revealed at the Frankfurt motor show - with UK sales of the Nissan 4x4 tipped to get under way later this year. 

The new car has been given much clearer positioning within the Nissan line-up. When the next-generation Qashqai arrives early next year, there will be no seven-seat version, so the X-Trail will be Nissan’s sole offering in the seven-seat SUV segment.

The firm closely previewed the new X-Trail with its stylish Nissan Hi-Cross concept at the 2012 Geneva motor show. The new X-Trail promises more road-biased ride and handling than the outgoing car. 

But the added style and dynamic improvements has not come at the expense of off-road ability, claim insiders. They say the new X-Trail is just as capable as the current car off-road when equipped with the optional four-wheel drive system.

Front-wheel drive is tipped to be offered as standard to help make the economy better than the current car’s. The core engine will be a significantly updated version of the current X-Trail’s 2.0-litre diesel engine, optionally mated to a newly-developed Xtronic CVT gearbox.

The interior, also previewed by the Hi-Cross concept, is set to be significantly improved both in terms of design and quality over the current X-Trail’s. Standard equipment levels will also increase.

Speaking at the Frankfurt motor show, Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn said: "This fourth generation model builds on the X-Trail's earned reputation for value, innovation, style and reliability. This also replaces the US market Rogue to become a sole global car for us, it will be built in five plants worldwide and sold in more than 100 markets. It's another segment busting model for us like Nissan Juke and Nissan Qashqai.

"The X-Trail introduces a new platform [Common Module Family] that will be rolled out over next five years on everything from a small Indian market car to a large premium offering. [The Module] maximises volume and cost efficiency and allows us to pass on savings, the economy is up to 20 per cent better model for model.

Ghosn also hinted that further development of the X-Trail is also underway, with a new seven-seat option with a sliding second row of seats to provide more space and flexibility. The X-Trail is set to provide 'unexpected levels of comfort and quietness', says Nissan, with plenty of soft-touch materials used inside and a fatigue-free seat design. 

The aim with the new X-Trail is to score a sales success against conventional saloons like the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia. “Building on the popularity of the Qashqai in its segment, the idea is to repeat its success in the D-segment,” a source revealed to Autocar at the Hi-Cross’s launch. The new Ford S-Max, also set for a Frankfurt reveal, is another target for the X-Trail.

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geed 19 September 2013

Since when are all SUV's

Since when are all SUV's measured against the freelander. The X-trail stands head and shoulders above anything LR can produce. We have a close friend who is a LR specialist mechanic, and Freelanders are his bread and butter. He has piles and piles of failed K series engines and centre viscous couplings. We are a car dealership and never ever stock Freelanders, the worst car from the worst car manufacturer, leave to the dumb badge snobs!

The Apprentice 11 September 2013

I like it a lot, looks modern

I like it a lot, looks modern but still a bit chunky, front is a bit Mitsubishi style. No silly sloping roof line so should have a great load capacity and decent visibility. It all depends on what Nissan can do with engines and emissions. For those of us that need a 'working car' to haul lots of gear, reasonable on car tax, non stressful cruising distances but has 4 wheel drive ability because staying home in the snow is not an option, it sounds promising. I sounds like refinement is going to be a high priority and ride comfort with the smart suspension. All good for me.

Lanehogger 10 September 2013

Take away the badge and this

Take away the badge and this could be from any Japanese manufacturer.