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First picture of the new Jaguar SUV testing, set to take on the BMW X3

This is understood to be the first picture of Jaguar’s new SUV in testing.

As revealed this week, a concept version of the SUV is due to be seen at the Frankfurt motor show next month before going into production in 2016.

The test mule sports Jaguar’s typical camouflage for its prototypes, as well as the firm’s signature rear tail-light design. It is possible to make out the rakish roofline and sloping tailgate of the mule, backing up insider reports that Jaguar is aiming to make its SUV the most coupé-like and sportiest-looking in the segment.

Sources who have seen the vehicle at customer clinics describe it as “stunning”.

The estimated £31,000 model will be natively rear-wheel drive, with all-wheel drive optional. It will be based on a smaller version of Jaguar Land Rover’s new Premium Lightweight Architecture, which underpins the latest  Range Rover and Range Rover Sport in its longer form.

Autocar reader Dominic Moss spied the mule in Warwickshire, and his description of the engine note suggests the mule might have been powered by one of JLR’s new turbocharged four-cylinder ‘Hotfire’ petrol engines. Diesel Hotfires will also be offered, alongside petrol and diesel V6s.

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dipdaddy 29 August 2013

was hoping not

I remember Ian Callum saying they wanted to design exclusive luxury sports saloons but seeing this i'm not sure if its volume they are now after or still trying to be exclusive. I might be old fashioned but SUV's was not something I wanted Jag to get into but concentrate on sports cars and 4 door coupe. I kind of get the feeling that someone in Jag's management will make a big mistake one day and something will back fire costing Jag some money. when you have land rover coming out with SUV's that are striking, border line roll royce ride and luxury then i'm not sure how jag can make it better than LR. they will only end up stepping on each other's toes. it would make sense for LR to design a low riding XF sized estate and flick of a switch it can go off road like the bigger LR's.

dapper1970 29 August 2013

#JaguarSUV #nobrainer

Hearing that Porsche sells five times more SUV's than anything else in its range, I can only suggest this is a complete, to borrow American parlance, no brainer.

My only surprise is that the powers that be haven't chosen to go up a segment and hit BMW(M5) and particularly Porsche(Cayenne) where it hurts. Okay, it would take some sales from the RR Sport as well but I would suggest it would be the Cayenne that would need to watch out the most.

The Jaguar would come with the experience of LR technology and the prestige that brings, as well as its own sporting pedigree.

I'd have thought there were bigger profits in the top end of the market as well. Once that's established the smaller segment interest is self generated, provided the halo product is a success.

Think Audi & BMW.

SirSidneyRuffdiamond 18 August 2013

Can't wait, but by the look

Can't wait, but by the look of this shot it does look like it will be a very sporty SUV. So BMW X6 territory it is then, though perhaps a bit smaller. Makes sense though as more utilitarian would suggest people should go to land Rover anyway. Less for load-lugging and cross-sountrying and more for muddy puddles and the odd gymkana. A Jag 4x4 would do nicely for that. Many others of course would just buy it, as they do countless other 4x4s, simply because they like them and will never go near mud. That market is huge in other countries, exp the USA, so Jag must represent itself in that sector. Lots of interesting and exciting ideas and models in the pipeline we read, can't wait. But Jag will need to look at small cars as a matter of urgency if it is not to run into a mountain of trouble in the next few years with ever more stringent EU emissions. And get that hybrid electric/motor engine up and running too and out into the market, along with brake regeneration. That will all help to offset powerful and dirty top-end models - the real Jags.