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Second generation Kia Soul remains faithful to outgoing quirky crossover but offers improved driving dynamics and refinement
Matt Burt
2 mins read
10 September 2013

The European-specification second-generation Kia Soul has been revealed at today's Frankfurt motor show.

The new Soul, which is based on the same platform as the latest Kia Cee'd, is scheduled to go on sale next Spring. It originally broke cover at the New York motor show back in March.

Inspired by the two-seat Kia Track'ster concept displayed at the Chicago motor show in 2012, the new Soul echoes the high-riding, upright stance and squared shoulders of the outgoing model.

The first-generation Soul has been a huge sales success in North America, so it is little surprise that Kia hasn't radically altered the styling.

Under the skin, the use of the Kia Cee'd underpinnings is intended to give the new version better ride and handling, as well as more refined on-road behaviour due to upgraded suspension and a 29 per cent stiffer body shell.

Compared to the outgoing car, interior noise levels are reduced by approximately three decibels.

The new Kia Soul is subtly larger than the Mk1 car, and features a longer wheelbase and wider track that contributes to a greater cabin space and cargo capacity.

Leg, head and shoulder room are increased for all passengers, while the cargo area is increased from the current car's 340 litres to 354 litres with the rear seats upright.

The new Soul will be offered with 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines and a choice of six-speed manual or automatic transmissions. Both engines are carried over from the outgoing model, and feature improved efficiency and lower emissions.

The new Soul also features an all-new interior, with less hard plastics on show and a more driver-focused design. 



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23 August 2013

Looks good. I love the original, hope the price doesn't increase to silly levels though. Growing in size to make room for a that juke rival they did a concept of recently?

23 August 2013

Its always been a smart looking car on the outside, but they could have improved it on the inside. And i hope they have done something to the engines too, as it has grown. If the cars bigger it should have bigger/more powerful engines to go with it.

23 August 2013

Not having a go at Kia, but all manufacturers really.  Why whenever a manufacturer launches a new car do they always increase the size?  Surely people like a certain car for many things, often size being one of them.  Over the generatons the car just gets bigger and bigger and no longer fits the buyers needs, so they just find something else.  The media always quotes the increase as a good thing, but I think quite the opposite.

Anyway, for some strange reason I've always liked the Soul, so well done Kia for not messing with the formual too much (other than the size, obviously!)

23 August 2013 it is good to see that Kia have not altered the overall style. I'll be interested to see what wacky colour schemes they come up with as everyone else seems intent on offering all sorts of colour combination options and personalisation. I feel Kia could be missing out if they don't follow suit and the looks of Soul in particular would be an ideal base for that sort of program.

23 August 2013 the same mould as the Nissan Juke Nismo.

They have a 1.6 Turbo to pinch from the Pro'ceed, and if the GTi Pro'ceed does well then, go on Kia, launch an 'R' Soul.

I'm sure if they add an exhaust symposer and dump valve, it'll be an ideal car for bumming around in.

Then you can give the Nismo Juke some proper sh....

10 September 2013

Does it mean Soul is increasing in size?

11 September 2013

A good design overall and am generally impressed by how far Kia has come in recent years, but why have they found the need to make the headlights more BMW 1-Series-ish?

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